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NEW ICTP-SAIFR School on disordered elastic systems, Oct 3-14 (2022), São Paulo, Brazil. Applications deadline: July 31st. Online application and more information at (https://www.ictp-saifr.org/des2022/).​

NEW Universal scaling for disordered viscoelastic matter II: Collapses, global behavior and spatio-temporal properties, D. B. Liarte et al. (2022), preprint at arXiv

NEW Dissipation by surface states in superconducting RF cavities, S. Deyo et al. (2022), preprint at arXiv

Scaling of dynamical susceptibility at the onset of rigidity for disordered viscoelastic matter, D. B. Liarte, talk at the Encontro Nacional de Física Estatística, 11:45am BRT, Nov 24, 2021

Universal scaling of shear thickening transitions, M. Ramaswamy et al. (2021), preprint at arXiv

Research interests

I have the ultimate scientific goal of deeply understanding the statistical physics of disordered systems. From my early projects on spin glasses to my recent work on the jamming transition, I have routinely employed methods from statistical mechanics and field theory as well as state-of-the-art computational tools and numerical simulations to explain the role played by disorder into diverse physical phenomena. My results fall into two major topics: Geometry, disorder and topology of soft matter and Superconductivity under extreme conditions. The first topic is concerned with soft matter, which has sparkled my interest since graduate school. I have made early contributions on the development of genuine statistical mechanical models of liquid crystals; simulations of the smectic phase and a unifying theory for its spacetime microstructure; the first bona-fide effective-medium theory of jamming, and a few connected projects. The second topic is concerned with the theory of superconductivity at the extreme regimes of high fields and frequency, which has been the focus of my research over the past four years. I have made contributions on the physics of vortex matter, from nucleation and susceptibility to defects to hysteretic and crossover behavior. Finally, I have contributions in Miscellaneous fields from spin glasses to DNA elastic response.


Geometry, disorder and topology of soft matter

Superconductivity under extreme conditions

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