Dan Mirman

dan [at] danmirman [dot] org


Research Interests: Spoken language processing and impairments.


Junhua Ding

jding33 [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk

Research Interests:

Neurobiology of language disorders, lesion-symptom mapping

PhD Students

Erica Adezati

s1722393 [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk

Research Interests:

Language processing, aphasia, neuroimaging, lesion-symptom mapping.



Research Interests:

(1) Tracking and retrieval of small projectiles, both spherical and disc-shaped.

(2) Examining variations in canine digestive properties in response to organic and inorganic materials.

(3) Investigating feline swatting reaction time using the canine sniffing and head licking paradigm.


Melissa Thye (PhD student, 2019-2023): Post-doc, University of Edinburgh

Eleni Zevgolatakou (MSc student, 2019-2020): PhD student, Cambridge University and MRC CBU 

Jason Geller (Post-doc, 2017-2019): Lecturer, Princeton University

Jon-Frederick Landrigan (Graduate student, 2013-2018): Lead Data Scientist, Newsela

Allison Britt (Research assistant and lab manager, 2010-2016): Speech-language pathologist

Casey Ferrara (Research assistant, 2014-2016): Graduate student, University of Chicago

Amanda Kraft (Undergraduate student, Custom-Designed Major in Neuroscience, 2014-2016): Advanced Technology Laboratories, Lockheed Martin

M. Roxana Botezatu (Post-doc, 2013-2015): Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Missouri

Kristen Graziano (Research assistant, 2009-2014): Occupational therapist

Qi Chen (Post-doc, 2011-2013): Professor, School of Psychology, South China Normal University; Director, Psychology Program, China National Science Foundation

Laura Skipper-Kallal (Graduate student, 2012-2013): AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Chia-lin (Charlene) Lee (Post-doc, 2010-2012): Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, Department of Psychology, Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences, Neurobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience Center, National Taiwan University

Solène Kalénine (Post-doc, 2009-2011): CNRS Researcher (CR1), University of Lille