These are some stories that I have written.

This is an excerpt from a fantasy story that takes place in a world where many people have special abilities. It is about a young girl who has lost her memory and a bounty hunter searching for a dangerous criminal. To read more of the story, please visit my main website and join my email list, where you can read the rest of it for free and get more exclusive stories.

This is a fantasy story about the beginning of a fictional world where a race of immortal beings lives.

This is a fantasy action story. It takes place in the modern world, but it involves people with special abilities fighting supernatural monsters. It is not near finished, but I plan to continue it in the future.

This is a complete fantasy story I wrote, about a boy who discovers a magical world (original, I know).

These are some other stories I have started in the past, but have not finished. As you can probably tell, I love fantasy, and have been heavily influenced by book series such as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings.

All stories Copyright Daniel Leaf