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2014 Results

Thanks for racing to support Mather High School Track and Field!

Top Individuals
On the men's side, Rich Heffron made a push in the last lap to overtake Kyle Larson for the win 14:34 to 14:39. Top honors for the ladies were shared by Fleet Feet/Nike Racing teammates, Jill Czarnik and Bess Ritter who crossed the finish line hand in hand.

Team Competition
The ladies of Raramuri successfully defended their title from last year's event by successfully finishing not just three but four runners. Hopefully next year's competition will feature a more heated battle on the women's front!

For the first time ever, the men of Track and Trough Athletic Union posted a team win! TTAU team 2 was announced as taking top honors, but upon further analysis of the results, I left out Jeff Hojnacki from the scoring of TTAU team 1. That said, TTAU Team 1 ruled the day (yay for using Excel on a Macbook). I'd also like to note I forgot to score the men's Cheetahback Racing team (apologies, guys). Cheetahback took fourth out of the six scored male teams!

Finally, the intrepid bunch known as Faster Than Molasses took the mixed team title taking top honors over the four scored teams. Again, I forgot to score the last minuted add, bRUNch which took fourth.

If you have a hand time that is inconsistent with the posted results, let us know and we can try to figure it out.

Course Conditions

We wheeled out a slightly altered version of the 1000m loop we've used the past two years. There is some fencing up around what used to be the northwest corner of the course. You can take a look at my best approximation of the course here. As wheeled (and measured via GPS if you believe in that magic) each lap measures 16 meters long (3.6 seconds at 6 min/mile pace).

The course was most certainly NOT Rupp Certified. Spikes or some other traction aid were strongly recommended. There was quite a bit of flooding on the course, athletes ran through ankle deep water at least 5 times per lap (I've indicated the location of these areas on the image below). While the hill was muddy when preparing the course on Saturday, by Sunday, cooler temperatures left the hill very icy.