Submitting World Service Conference Issues & Concerns

For many years, The Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference has addressed the issues and concerns of D.A. groups that affect D.A. as a whole. Prior to 2012, these could only be submitted on the registration form for each year’s Conference. Now, issues and concerns can be submitted year round, although the submissions will continue to be addressed only at that year’s Conference.

Individual issues and concerns are assigned to the committees of the General Service Board and committees and caucuses of the WSC best equipped to deal with the particular subject. Responses to the issues and concerns submitted at each year’s Conference will be published during the following year in either the WSC Report, the D.A. Focus, or on the World Service web site debtorsanonymous.org.

Issues and Concerns can be submitted in either of two different ways:

  1. By e-mail to issuesandconcerns@debtorsanonymous.org. Only one issue is permitted per e-mail, and e-mails should include the name, city, and if possible, the registration number of the group.
  2. By printing out and mailing in the form below to: Issues & Concerns, c/o D.A. General Service Office, PO Box 920888, Needham, Mass. 02492. A separate form is required for each issue submitted.

In order to be considered for that year, a submission must be received at least 30 days before the opening day of that year’s World Service Conference.

Issues & Concerns Submission Form