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Dane Taylor, Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY)

                           email: danet [at] buffalo (dot) edu                                     
tel: (716) 645 8796                  
fax: (716) 645 5039                   
          mail: 224 Mathematics Building              
        University at Buffalo            
             Buffalo, NY 14260-2900         

    • I am looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join my group and conduct applied mathematics research in data science, network science and complex systems.
      If interested, shoot me an email!
    Select Publications
    • D Taylor, RS Caceres and PJ Mucha (2017)  Super-resolution community detection for layer-aggregated multilayer networksPhysical Review X 7, 031056.
    • D Taylor, SA Myers, A Clauset, MA Porter and PJ Mucha (2017)  Eigenvector-based centrality measures for temporal networksMultiscale Modeling and Simulation 15(1), 537-574.
    • D Taylor, S Shai, N Stanley and PJ Mucha (2016) Enhanced detectability of community structure in multilayer networks through layer aggregationPhysical Review Letters 116, 228301.
    • D Taylor, PS Skardal and J Sun (2016) Synchronization of heterogeneous oscillators under network modifications: Perturbation and optimization of the synchrony alignment functionSIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 76(5), 1984-2008.
    • D Taylor, F Klimm, HA Harrington, M Kramar, K Mischaikow, MA Porter and PJ Mucha (2015) Topological data analysis of contagion maps for examining spreading processes on networks. Nature Communications 6, 7723.
    • PS Skardal, D Taylor and J Sun (2014) Optimal synchronization of complex networksPhysical Review Letters 113, 144101.

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