dane taylor research

Dane Taylor, Assistant Professor [cv]
Department of Mathematics, University at Buffalo, SUNY

                           email: danet [at] buffalo [dot] edu                               

Select Preprints and Publications
  • Z Li, PJ Mucha and D Taylor (2017) Network-ensemble comparisons with stochastic rewiring and von Neumann entropyarXiv preprint.
  • D Taylor, JG Restrepo and FG Meyer (2016) Ensemble-based estimates of eigenvector error for empirical covariance matrices. arXiv preprint.

  • D Taylor, RS Caceres and PJ Mucha (2017)  Super-resolution community detection in layer-aggregated multilayer networksarXiv preprint.
  • D Taylor, SA Myers, A Clauset, MA Porter and PJ Mucha (2017)  Eigenvector-based centrality measures for temporal networksMultiscale Modeling and Simulation 15(1), 537-574.

  • D Taylor, PS Skardal and J Sun (2016) Synchronization of heterogeneous oscillators under network modifications: Perturbation and optimization of the synchrony alignment functionSIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 76(5), 1984-2008.

  • D Taylor, S Shai, N Stanley and PJ Mucha (2016) Enhanced detectability of community structure in multilayer networks through layer aggregationPhysical Review Letters 116, 228301.
  • D Taylor, F Klimm, HA Harrington, M Kramar, K Mischaikow, MA Porter and PJ Mucha (2015) Topological data analysis of contagion maps for examining spreading processes on networks. Nature Communications 6, 7723.

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