Welcome to the Sheffield Biomedical Robotics Lab!

Realize bionic and assistive robots that show life-like behavior and sustained operation in order to achieve long-term adaptive healthcare. We exploit the computational interplay between materials, structures and mechanics. We take an intertwined approach to combine materials, manufacturing, and control for developing robots for healthcare.  Key concepts: soft robots, embodied artificial intelligence, and human development.

Our focus is the design, fabrication and control of robots that operate long term to restore, repair or replace biological functions and impact human healthcare. Some of our work includes robotic implants, prosthetic wearables (tactile sensors and haptic devices), and plant prostheses.

An example of our work: regenerative robotic implants

Regenerative robots

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14.01.2018 Congratulations to our lab members, Eduardo Perez Guagnelli, Sarunas Nejus, Dr. YanQiang Liu, and collaborators for the acceptance of two papers at ICRA 2018!

10.01.2018 Our work in collaboration with Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School has been published in Science Robotics.

07.01.2018 PhD positions availableUniversity of Sheffield is offerring PhD scholarships to talented PhDs across the globe. For more info, have a look at this link: http://shef.ac/2A6ckGg. The deadline for PhD applications is Wednesday 24th January 2018 at 5pm (GMT). If you're interested to join our research lab, please contact Dana Damian (d.damian@sheffield.ac.uk).

13.11. 2017 Our former lab member, Xiaofan Wu, received his MSc degree with distinction. Congratulations, Xiaofan!

31.10.2017 Eduardo has successfully passed his Critical Appraisal exercise. Congratulations, Eduardo!

25.10.2017 Dana gave a talk about robotics in medicine at the Manchester Science Festival.

13.10.2017 SBRL and York Microrobotics Group have jointly organized the "Manufacturing and Automation of Future Health Technology" workshop at the University of Sheffield. 

27.09.2017 Our collaborators at York have published an inspiring paper on robotic metamorphosis in Science Robotics 

12.09.2017 Eduardo and his team win 1st place in the AAATE Student Innovation Tournament, Sheffield.

18.07.2017 This week TAROS conference is taking place in Surrey. Our former members, Alex Thorn and Emily Ingham will attend to give an oral and a poster presentation about their work in our lab, respectively. See ACSE News article: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/acse/news/acse_student_presents_paper_at_conference-1.717641

03.07.2017 Some of our lab members (Eduardo, Yanqiang, and Dana) participated at the 2017 Soft Robotics Workshop in Cambridge. Both Eduardo and Dana gave a talk on the latest lab developments in soft robots for bio-engineering. Eduardo left with a second prize and a champagne for his team's proposal on an assistive technology. 

23.06.2017 Eduardo is giving a poster presentation on our lab's and his research to an assembly of executive members of Conacyt Mexico.