Texas Gold Cup 2018

Dallas Field Hockey Club is proud to announce Annual Texas Gold Cup tournament to be held in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. The tournament will be held on May 13, 2018 at the DRIVE NATION, 2450 Rental Car dr, Irving, Texas.

We invite you to come and participate in the Texas Gold Cup tournament. It will be a great honor for our city to host your sports club. The key highlights of the tournament are:

    • One division (mixed): format - 6 a side per team
    • Artificial indoor turf fields for the matches
    • Friendly yet competitive atmosphere.
    • Lunch will be served for the teams participating in the tournament.
    • Enjoy the southern hospitality during the perfect weather (usually sunny blue skies of North Texas and the day time temperature can be anywhere from 70-80 degrees).
    • Teams expected from Oklahoma, and Texas.