Life Scouts

Greetings Eagle Scout Candidate!

Congratulations on earning the rank of Life Scout. You are among approximately 57,000 young men who year after year, achieve that
important milestone. As you ponder the meaning behind the Life patch, I encourage you to think about the symbol of the heart. Historically in
Scouting, it was a fitting symbol of health and fitness, but it also represents the spirit of caring and giving that’s behind the Eagle Scout
service project.

Service to other people is what Scouting is all about. In many ways, your service project is a reflection of who you are as a youth leader. Your result
should be of significant impact in your community to be special, and should represent your very best effort.

Your proposal, the logical first step, should emphasize your intention to give leadership to others through proper planning and development. Communicate with the beneficiary
often to ensure the project meets the organization’s needs once it’s completed. I encourage you to seek guidance from your unit leader and project coach as you need help. Your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, much like a compass, will help navigate your way to a life of service as a proud
Eagle Scout.

Wishing you all the best in your journey on the Trail to Eagle!

Michael B. Surbaugh
Chief Scout Executive

Eagle Scout statistics
  • Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting.
  • Around 5 percent of all Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank in 2012.
  • In 2012, the average age of boys earning the Eagle Scout rank was 17.3 years of age.
  • From 1912 to 2012, over 2 million Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank
In 2012, Baltimore Area Council produced 518 Eagle Scouts. Below are some statistics from their many projects.
  • Total Project Hours: 68,897
  • Average hours per project: 219.9
  • Total value of purchased materials: $240,640.02
  • Total value of donated materials: $178,987.34
  • Combined total value of projects: $419,627.36
  • Average value per project: $868.76
If you are looking for ideas check out these two sites as well National's sample Eagle project web, the 'Get a Project' online Finder web tool and the h. Some Project Ideas section of this web.

This Web site

This web site is similar to your back pack. Before you took your first high adventure hike you learned some skills, you talked to others about the trek, you then collected all of the items necessary to make the trek a success. Planning and executing a successful Eagle project is very similar. You will find that the site is packed with all the information and documentation that you will need to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Please review the Life Scout section of this web and its subsequent pages. Work with your Unit Leader and Unit Eagle Project Coach. If you have questions after reading information on this site please email

Good luck as you travel the trail to Eagle.


The Capitol District Advancement Committee

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