Working Papers:

An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic, April 2017, under revision for Econometrica (3rd round)
(with J. Greenwood, P. Kircher and M. Tertilt)
Discussion in VOX

Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive Use, May 2018
(with T. Cavalcanti and G. Kocharkov) 


Education Quality and Returns to Schooling: Evidence from Migrants in Brazil, accepted, Economic Development and Cultural Change
(with L. Brotherhood and P. Ferreira) 

The Role of Marriage in Fighting HIV: A Quantitative Illustration for Malawi, American Economic Review P&P, 2017, 107(5), 158-162.
(with J. Greenwood, P. Kircher and M. Tertilt)

"Why Not Settle Down Already?" A Quantitative Analysis of the Delay in Marriage, International Economic Review, 2016, 57(2), 425-452.
(with D. Weiss)

Technology and the Changing Family: A Unified Model of Marriage, Divorce, Educational Attainment and Married Female Labor-Force Participation
, AEJ: Macro,
2016, 8(1), 1-41.
(with J. Greenwood, N. Guner and G. Kocharkov)

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Marry your Like: Assortative Mating and Income Inequality (Revised Version), originally published in American Economic Review P&P, 2014, 104(5), 348-353.
(with J. Greenwood, N. Guner and G. Kocharkov)

Publications in Portuguese:

Assortative Mating and Income Inequality in Brazil, Revista Brasileira de Economia, 2017, v. 71 (3), 361-377.
(with L. Pereira) 

Migration and the Regional Income Distribution in BrazilPesquisa e Planejamento Econômico, 2007, v. 37 (3), 405-425.
(with P. Ferreira) 

Work in Progress:

Risky Income, Risky Families: Marriage and Divorce in a Volatile Labor Market
(with D. Weiss) 

Marriage Sorting, Resource Allocation and Agricultural Productivity
(with L. De Magalhães, A. Hasanbasri and R. Santaeulalia-Llopis)

Earnings Dynamics with a Large Informal Sector
(with D. Gomes and F. Iachan)

Dispersion in Financing Costs and Development
(with T. Cavalcanti, J. Kaboski and B. Martins)

Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Distributional and Allocative Effects
(with T. Cavalcanti and Z. Hasna)