Cyril Hédoin, full professor of Economics

I am full professor of Economics at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. This is my academic webpage where you can find information on my research and teachings. I have also a weblog called "Bargaining Game" where I regularly publish posts on various topics related to social sciences (especially economics) and philosophy of science. I am also the editor of the official blog of the Journal of Institutional Economics.
Research topics, current projects and interests

My academic work broadly belongs to the so-called field of "philosophy of economics". I have a general interest in understanding how knowledge is produced in economics by investigating the nature and implications of the methods, theories and assumptions used by economists. This general interest is in particular applied to institutional economics, game theory, choice theory and normative economics. Crucially, I see economics both as a subject to study and as a set of tools, concepts and theories to be used in the philosophical inquiry.

I am currently working on three separate but interrelated general topics:

  1. Agency, rationality and institutions in economics (esp. game theory)
    • Evolutionary vs epistemic approaches in game theory
    • Rule-following in game theory
    • Plurality of agency levels in economics 
  2. Microeconomics and morality
    • Expected utility theory and prioritarianism
    • Equality versus priority
    • Naturalistic approaches of justice and fairness
  3. Normative economics and behavioral economics
    • Paternalism with the preference-satisfaction criterion of welfare
    • Behavioral economics and moral philosophy
    • Normative significance of multiple selves models
Topics 1 and 3 are strongly related by a general problematic regarding the implications of the increasingly abstract and formal definition of the economic agent in game theory and choice theory for the relationship between positive and normative economics.

I also plan to work in a near future on the history, philosophy and methodology of what I call "microeconomic engineering" which basically corresponds to the work done by economists in the fields of market design and mechanism design. 
More information can be found on my publications list and in the work in progress section. My complete CV can be downloaded here.

-My book L'institutionnalisme historique et le rapport entre théorie et histoire en économie (Classiques Garnier) is available. It is a slightly modified version of the first two parts of my PhD thesis.

The book can be bought on the editor's website.

Contact info:
Cyril Hédoin
REGARDS research center, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France
57bis, rue Pierre Taittinger 51096 Reims, France