By Laws

By Laws

Article I - Name

The organization shall be known as Central Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Representative Association (CWPRA).

Article II - Purpose

CWPRA is an organization of pharmaceutical sales representatives that exists to provide value-added products and services to healthcare providers to enhance the healthcare of patients. It is also committed to establishing and maintaining professional and ethical standards of conduct for its members.

Article III - Code of Ethics

    1. CWPRA is a self-guiding professional association. All members encourage each other to adhere to these standards to promote positive working relations with healthcare providers.
    2. CWPRA encourages healthcare providers to participate in the association by offering suggestions, or by providing input and comments. The association also welcomes questions, concerns, and complaints regarding its members or practices. Communication should be directed to board members.
    3. CWPRA members that do not uphold the professional standards of this organization will have his or her membership reviewed. Termination of membership for up to a period of one year will be considered, and must be approved by a majority vote among those in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting.
    4. CWPRA member representatives will:
        1. be considerate of the time of healthcare providers. Members will show respect to patients and visitors when visiting healthcare facilities. Patients will come first in all areas including the parking lot, the reception line, or patient care areas. Members will respect matters of patient confidentiality.
        2. show consideration to other representatives by following a one-at-a-time etiquette, or follow the specific guidelines of the healthcare facility if it differs from this etiquette.
        3. comply with the procedures and guidelines established by individual healthcare facilities concerning sampling, displays, lunch programs, and the hours in which these activities are to be performed.
        4. be tactful and considerate when sampling by not rearranging samples in the cabinet, overstocking samples or tampering with samples. Members will also inform staff when samples are expired, when samples have been moved inappropriately, or when new product samples are available so that the office staff can arrange appropriate space.
        5. respect displays and lunch programs in progress by other representatives by not making calls at those times.
        6. be responsible for providing as much notice as possible when unable to attend a scheduled appointment.

These are the professional standards that the members of our association have established. This code may be extended or otherwise revised by a majority vote of the members. Healthcare providers can depend on the members of our association to abide by this code and provide the highest quality service and education resources to ultimately enhance the healthcare of patients.

To all pharmaceutical representatives: To become a member of the CWPRA, contact any board member listed on the association directory distributed to Central Wisconsin clinics.