Cogito ergo sum

I hold a PhD in Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience and a MSc+BSc in Biomedical Engineering, currently working as postdoctoral researcher both at the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute of the University of Minho in Portugal and at the Hedonia Research Group at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Oxford, UK. I also hold a position as a visiting research scientist at the Champalimaud Center the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal and at the  Center for Music in the Brain in Aarhus, Denmark. 

My main interest is to investigate the fundamental principles underlying brain function. In other words, I am curious about the most primitive biophysical mechanisms at the genesis of coordinated brain activity, ultimately leading to our thoughts and actions. In my research, I test hypothetical mechanistic scenarios using analytical and numerical methods to investigate fundamental brain mechanisms from in silico network models. 

Our brain is a highly complex network composed by nearly 100 billion neurons interconnected through more than 100 trillion synapses. Using synthetic network models with a much lower resolution, it is possible to simulate the behavior of coupled neural populations and to reproduce the spatio-temporal patterns of oscillatory activity observed in the resting human brain. Interestingly, certain mental illnesses have been associated with alterations in these dynamical patterns. Therefore, I believe that investigating the brain's network dynamics will not only shed light on the "who we are" question but also provide new insights to fight neurological diseases.