Adding New Players

New players may be added at any time during the season.

Players new to league (or trying to return after pregnancy/injury) may play one game without paying to try out the league, BUT MUST sign a waiver and provide contact info/emergency contact which needs to be turned into a board member.

Late additions pay based on start time:

Full price through game 4 - $70

If the player starts on game 5 or later- $45

Tournament only $15

The captain must collect the money and get the registration information (name, address, phone, emergency contact info) and turn this into the treasurer (Stacy or Evelyn on Yellow).

If you have a player who must leave the league early due to injury, pregnancy, unforeseen move, etc. they may have a partial reimbursement of $40 if they leave during first 4 games of season. After that time there are no refunds.

If you have a player who will definitely not be able to register due to financial difficulties, please let the treasurer (Evelyn or Stacy on Yellow) know as we can offer one scholarship per each team.