Southwood Valley Carnival

When: March 1, 2019, 6:00-8:00 PM

Where: Southwood Valley Elementary School

Why: Fun for the entire family

  • Carnival games: ring toss, plinko, go fish, chicken stomp, sack races, football toss, can toss, cookie walk and more!
  • Attractions: bounce house, face painting, photo booth, teacher jail and more!
  • Free popcorn
  • Food and candy for purchase
  • Silent Auction

Sponsored and organized by SWV PTO.

All money raised goes right back into the school for special events, playground equipment, sound system, Eagle Awards, teacher appreciation and much, much more.

Spring Carnival - Save the date!

Pre-purchase wristbands & tickets to save!

To pre-purchase, please use the envelope sent in your student's folder in early February.

If you misplaced or did not receive it, you can download and print the pre-order form here: in English, in Spanish. Please attach it to any other envelope and enclose your cash or check made payable to SWV PTO.

Pre-purchase deadline: Monday, February 25 , 2019.

Available at the Carnival (paid with tickets only):

Some popular ticket-wristband pre-order scenarios:

  • 1 Wristband and 1 chicken express meal for $19 total. – Your child will eat a meal and can play unlimited games except the Teacher Jail.
  • 1 Wristband and 10 tickets for $14 total. – Your child can play unlimited games, eat pizza rolls and have a drink, and will still have two extra tickets for putting the favorite teacher in jail, but just once.
  • 1 Wristband for $12. – Your child can play unlimited games, except the Teacher Jail, but no food is included.

You may want to add more tickets for more fun with the Teacher Jail, as usually kids want to jail or release their favorite teachers more than once.


There will be a limited number of Chicken Express boxes sold at the Carnival. To guarantee one (or more) for your family, make sure to pre-order it.


There will be all kinds of candy for sale for 1 — 8 tickets: M&M’s, Twix, 3 Musketeers, Skittles, Ring Pops, Kit Kat, Airheads, Fruit Snacks, and Cotton Candy.

Silent Auction and Teacher Auction at SWV Carnival

How do these auctions work?

  • 6:00–7:30 PM: Everyone may bid on the items by placing an amount they are willing to pay for the item on the bidding form next to the item.

Note: You may be outbid by someone willing to pay more for the item. Make sure you check on the auction items you bid on during the night and place a higher bid if you want.

  • 7:30 PM: The top bidding sheets will be collected. The copy will be left on the table. The highest bidder (or the specified number of highest bidders in case of multiple identical items) may take the copy sheet and proceed to pay for and pick up their item at the school entrance.
  • 7:45 PM: Payments for winning bids are accepted (cash, check or credit/debit cards).

What is sold at the Silent Auction?

  • Items and services are donated from the community and our school family. If you have an item to donate, contact Lindsay Zahn: .

What is sold at the Teacher Auction?

  • Experiences with the teachers and staff that they have come up with and are donating.
  • The teacher/staff pays for the activity included in the auction (e.g. movie tickets if the activity is a movie theater visit with teacher).

Remember: these auctions raise money for the kids’ learning experience.

Have fun!

New in 2019 - Teacher Experience Raffle

Win a Teacher experience!

By buying a $2.00 raffle ticket, you buy a chance of winning the prize - a specific teacher experience - similar to those sold in the Teacher Auction (such as a visit to a movie or a restaurant meal with the teacher).

  • Each raffled teacher experience is independent from others and requires a separate entry (raffle ticket) for that specific prize.
  • There will be only one winner for each teaching experience raffled ("prize").
  • The teacher/staff pays for the activity included in the auction (e.g. movie tickets if the activity is a movie theater visit with teacher).
  • While the Teacher Raffle might have some teacher experiences similar to those in the Teacher Auction, the winners of the Teacher Raffle drawing and the Teacher Auction are determined independently from each other.
  • The Teacher Experience Raffle winner and Teacher Auction winner may share the same experience.

Disclaimer: This is the newest addition to the list of fun activities at the Carnival. The teachers and PTO are still working on the raffle logistics. While buying the raffle ticket, please check if there are any last minute changes in the raffle rules.

Can I volunteer to help?


● If you would like to work a game or serve food the night of the carnival, email Megan Bright: .

● If you are crafty or great at organizing and want to help out before the carnival, email Geralyn Nolan: .

We need YOUR help!

Can you or a business you know sponsor the Carnival or donate items or services for the silent auction?

Sponsor the carnival with contributions as small as $50, and receive food tickets, unlimited games and recognition on the carnival Sponsor Wall, PTO social sites and more.

For more detail, download this Sponsor form (also available in Spanish)

● If you have items you would like to donate for the silent auction at SWV Carnival, or know a business that can donate items or services, please contact Lindsay Zahn: .

All donations and sponsor contributions will receive the tax benefits of a charitable contribution to a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

This page is updated on a regular basis before the Carnival, as new information becomes available. Bookmark it and come back for the up-to-date information about the Carnival.Latest update: February 20, 2019

Some facts:

In 2018, SWV PTO

  • paid for all students' school field trips;
  • purchased a sound system upgrade in the gym;
  • rewarded seven teacher grants to enhance your child's learning experience;
  • provided food for faculty meetings and staff events (teacher appreciation occasions).

In 2019, SWV PTO will

  • purchase one classroom set of iPads;
  • purchase one yearbook for every graduating 4th-grader;
  • pay for all students' school field trips;
  • continue providing food for teacher appreciation events;
  • and much more ...

Sponsors and auction donors for Carnival - 2019

Carnival sponsors (levels as indicated):

Ringmaster ($500+)

  • Waggie Pet Zone
  • Abigail and Brad White
  • Longmire Learning Center
  • GrassMasters
  • Chad Jones Law

Magician ($200+)

  • Casto Appraisal
  • Potions and Witchly
  • Pereira-Staack Family
  • Merrill Lynch - Byron Soules

Juggler ($50+)

  • The Hudson Family
  • Julian Gill
  • Training Wheels
  • The Lepiz Family
  • The Kleiman Family
  • Martin Gill
  • The Noel Family
  • The Nolan Family

Carnival auction donors:

  • Cook n Grow
  • Bombers Baseball
  • Courtney DeVries Photography
  • MSC Opas
  • Fuzzy's Taco Shop
  • Powersports
  • Grand Station
  • Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital
  • Chrissy's Massage
  • KBTX
  • Messina Hof
  • College Station Parks & Recreation
  • Texas Renaissance Festival
  • George H. W. Bush Presidential Library