Resources and updates

19th March 2019: cSALSA ran a workshop at One Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London on the topic of 'Communicating Cybersecurity' with practitioners from Government and Industry. The slide deck from the workshop is below:


19th September 2018: cSALSA hosted a workshop at MobileHCI in Barcelona on the topic of "Mobile Privacy and Security for an Ageing Population". The workshop report and proceedings are published here:

7th August 2018: cSALSA researchers have been contributing to forthcoming DCMS guidelines on 'secure for design'. Once the guidance is published we will link to it from here.

August 2018: cSALSA researcher Dr. James Nicholson has secured a permanent post as lecturer at Northumbria University. Congratulations James!

July 2018: Three cSALSA researchers presented at #BASS18 - James Nicholson and Ben Morrison (Northumbria) on their work with older adults, and Ana Levordashka (Bath) on the Phishtray app.

June 2018: Our work on the prototype for cybersecurity is now completed, and the draft write up will be posted here. We asked over 1000 people in the UK to define what cybersecurity was, and have been coding the responses into a 'layperson' definition that is arranged into core and peripheral features. The Bath team are now developing a dictionary based on these responses for the automated analysis of cybersecurity texts.

April 2018: cSALSA is organising a workshop at MobileHCI in Barcelona on 'Mobile Privacy and Security for an Ageing Population". Details here.

Dec 8th 2017: The cSALSA response to the UK Government Internet Safety Green paper is available below:

The CSALSA Project Response to Green Paper_final_7thDec.pdf

Spring 2017: We are working on an amended model of stress and resilience / response to change. The model is shown below.

March 2017: The cSALSA project officially joined the Research Institute for the Science of CyberSecurity (see: The overview of the project presented to the RI is below: