CS4HS Chicago 2011

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There were two sessions of this training.  See this page for the second session in August held for CPS CTE/IT teachers. 
The first session (June) is shown below.
Conference for Chicago-area High School CS Teachers

Enhancing CS Education

June 21-23 (Tues-Wed-Thurs), 9:30-3:30
Location: UIC campus, near downtown Chicago.  See campus map detail for locations.

Major funding provided by Google, with additional support from: Chicago CSTAIllinois ComputesUIC CS

Apply online here.  [Note that the conference is full as of 6/2, with 46 applicants so far for the 30 spots.  Applicants after the first 30 will be notified that they are on the wait-list.]
There is no charge for this training.  Preference will be given to active CS/Math/Science high school teachers, though others are welcome to apply.  Space is limited to the first 30 registrants.  

Note that there currently is discussion on Chicago Public School teachers having snow make-up days that week, with "Professional Development" days.  For those of you in CPS It is our hope that your principal will allow you to attend this excellent Professional Development rather than activities in your school building.

Tuesday June 21, Wednesday June 22, 9:30am - 3:30pm

Hands-on experiential training in the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum, by Gail Chapman (UCLA).  Funded by NSF, this curriculum provides an engaging, hands-on, relevant introduction to the breadth of Computer Science for high school students.  Used successfully in Los Angeles, we are looking to pilot this with select teachers/schools here in the Chicago area.  Components of ECS can easily be incorporated into your existing CS classes.  

In preparation, please read the two page overview (pdf), or better yet the first 26 pages (pdf).

See the agenda details page.

Thursday June 23, 9:30am - 3:30pm

Google App Inventor tutorial presented by Dave Wolber (University of San Francisco).  Learn how to write apps that run on your phone!
See the App Inventor page featuring introductory YouTube videos, links to Dave's App Inventor course,  his O'Reilly book and video tutorials.
If you were with us last year, you may remember learning Scratch, the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for writing graphical programs.  App Inventor uses a similar interface, except the resulting programs run on an Android phone (very exciting!)  We will have a lab kit of 15 phones which we will use in this training, which will be available for your use with your students on a rotating basis next school year.

We will once again also offer a Lifesavers session on free tools and best practices that make our job of teaching easier.  This is a collaborative effort.  Please submit your ideas at http://bit.ly/CSLifesavers

See the agenda details page.

See also the page for the second session, held for Chicago Public Schools CTE/IT teachers, August 2-4, 2011

Major funding provided by:
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Leadership team: 
Don Yanek (dgyanek @ cps.edu), Jeff Solin (bsolin @ cps.edu), Baker Franke (bfranke @ ucls.uchicago.edu), Dale Reed (reed @ uic.edu),
Ljubomir Perkovic (LPerkovic @ cs.depaul.edu), Brenda Wilerson (bdwilkerson @ cps.k12.il.us), Ron Greenberg (greenberg.ron @ gmail.com)
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