Lawn Care & Landscape

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General Lawn Care trailer equipped with:

48 inch side discharge zero-turn tractor.

33 inch side discharge walk behind mower.

21 inch side discharge push mower.

Gas weed whip.

Gas blower.

Collection and removal of grass clippings are available upon request. Additional service fee required.

Excessive trash or obstacles on the lawn may incur an extra fee. Please make arrangements to have your lawn free of trash and obstacles (sticks, trash, toys, hoses, lawn chairs, pet waste, vehicles, etc.) before your scheduled mowing appointment.

**** We do offer lawn trash and storm pickup services. It is not included in your regular mowing stop.

Due to time restraints, the mowing team will simply drive around the obstacles and not mow those areas. No discount, credit or return to mow service will be given for the area that we were not able to mow. Please plan ahead to have the area in a mowable condition.

Payments Accepted: (All services must be prepaid.)

Cash, check, Paypal and most major credit cards.

(See Invoice Payment tab for details.)

Fall Lawn Cleanup:

Blowing of leaves to curbside, mow and vac and leaf removal service is available upon request and availability.

**** This is an additional service and is not included in your regular mowing stop.

Please make sure to schedule these services BEFORE the leaves come so that we can make sure we will be able to service your location.

All requests for leaf service during peak leaf collection will be on a first ask first serve basis. Regular mowing customers that do not request leaf service in advance will also be treated on a first ask first serve basis.

The minimum fall leaf cleanup fee is $99.99 per service visit.

After Storm and Trash Cleanup:

Cleanup and removal of fallen branches/sticks and litter (trash) is available upon request and availability and is not included in regular mowing stop. Our mowing team does not pick up excessive trash or obstacles in lawns. Please make sure you have made arrangements for the lawn to be free of obstacles before your regular mowing stop.

The minimum after storm and/or trash cleanup fee is $50.00 plus actual dump fees.

Spring Cleanup:

Cleanup and removal of the sticks that fell over the winter and collection of the few remaining leaves in the Spring just before mowing season is available upon request and must be completed before we can mow your lawn for the first time.

This service is NOT available from us if a fall cleanup was not done on the lawn.

The minimum Spring cleanup fee is $99.99.

Mulch Installation:

Spring bulk mulch installation is available upon request. It is strongly recommended (but not required) the area be properly prepared and a weed barrier installed prior to the mulch installation. Preparation and weed barrier installation services are available and should be ordered and completed BEFORE the mulch installation date.

The minimum mulch installation fee is $99.99.

CRS Lawn Care, LLC is a chemical free company. We do not use fertilizer or pesticides.

All chemical application services are referred to and billed separately by a properly licensed company or subcontractor.


Customer initiated service stop cancelations or service skip requests must be called in at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled service stop otherwise you will be charged for the service stop.


From time to time there may be delays in servicing your location. Rain, maintenance, personnel shortages and holidays can effect scheduled stops. To accommodate for delays your service may occur prior or after your normal service day.

Click Here to Request an Estimate From CRS Lawn Care, LLC.

Bulk Material prices as of 12/01/2018. (Subject to change without notice.)

(Delivery and installation extra.)

Classic hardwood mulch = $33.00 /sq yard

Brown dyed mulch = $45.00 /sq yard

Black dyed mulch = $45.00 / sq yard

Screened top soil = $45.00 / sq yard

#57 Limestone = $42.00 / ton

Minimum delivery fee is $50.00