James Cavanagh (PI)

James F. Cavanagh - Principle Investigator

I direct the Cognitive Rhythms and Computation Lab at the University of New Mexico Department of Psychology where I am an assistant professor. Research here at UNM is enhanced by the tremendous centers and resources, including:

Educational History:

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

University of New Mexico | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Postdoc, Laboratory for Neural Computation and Cognition

Brown University | Providence, Rhode Island

Visiting Scholar, ACACia Lab and SINCS Lab

University of Amsterdam | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ph.D, Cognition and Neural Systems | Psychophysiology Lab

University of Arizona | Tucson, Arizona

M.A., Psychophysiological Research | Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab

San Francisco State University | San Fransisco, California

B.A., Sociology (Social Psychology)

Western Michigan University | Kalamazoo, Michigan

2013 - present

2010 - 2013


2005 - 2010

2002 - 2004

1996 - 2000