Contracts & Forms

Step #1 (All Events) Contract
This contract must to be printed, completed and mailed in with the 50% down payment in order to reserve the date. We will place a 3 day hold on a date upon receiving a phone call to let us know the contract is on its way.
Step #2 (Wedding Only) Itinerary Choices
This step is for Wedding Receptions Only.  This does NOT need to be mailed with the contract. However, it should be mailed one week prior to the event along with form completed in step #3
You can choose 4 different ways to start your wedding itinerary.  There Are 3 Downloadable/Printable Forms to choose from.  The forms range from general planning to Minute To Minute Planning.  This is 100% your choice. Simply click on your choice and print. 
Alternate To Step #2 (Wedding Only)
Simply Fill Out The Reception Questions Form And Mail It.  The DJ Will Make sure the evening flows well. You will have an opportunity to change things.
Step #3 (Wedding Only) 
Wedding Party Intro Form-Mail this form along with the itinerary form you have chosen. Click and Print. 
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Feb 20, 2015, 1:25 PM
Jacob Froman,
Feb 20, 2015, 1:24 PM