Looking for a premium smash repair in North Hobart?

You don't just want your vehicle repaired. You want a premium smash repair from a reputable body shop / auto bodyworks. Your vehicle is most likely your second biggest asset, and you need to look after it to keep your family safe, and to retain your investment.

Crashzone Claims Assist is your auto body shop conveniently at 20 Smith Street, North Hobart. Drop in (no appointment necessary) or call us now on (03) 6231 2345 for a free quote.

  • Do you just need a premium repair?
  • Need help with your insurance claim?
  • Or, is the accident not your fault, and you are not sure what to do next?

CrashZone Claims Assist repair your car to perfection AND we can take all the hassle out of your insurance claim. What other auto bodyworks or panel repair shop do you know that takes away ALL of the stress and time dealing with your insurance claim, provides you a valet service to pick up your car and returns your shining car to you?

You might be surprised to know you may not have to pay ANY excess! (conditions apply)

View, download and/or print our Accident claim form, or just print off a copy of your complimentary glove box kit below!


Accident claim form

In the moments following a vehicle accident, it is often confusing and stressful. It is very important at this time to keep a clear head. But help is at hand. Our accident claim form can help you get all the information you require in the event of an accident.


Your complimentary glove box kit

Or print your free copy of our complimentary glove box kit, providing you information on what to do in the unfortunate case of a vehicle accident.

Not at fault?

Know your rights

Not at fault? Then just ask us about our No Fault Recovery Service. You do not have to pay when it's not your fault.

Unfortunately, many people only find out they've chosen the wrong insurer when they need their insurer most. Once you have been involved in an accident, it's too late to change.

Fleet owner?

Important information for you

Unfortunately, all too often fleet owners find they have chosen the wrong insurer when they need their insurer most. Click to find out more information about company fleet insurance.

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