Great Medical Websites

Heart Sounds
1. Easy Auscultation (my current favorite)
2. Blaufuss (a close second)
A flash based website that both teaches and quizzes you. There really is no better way to learn.
3. 3M Littmann Learning Institute

Risk Scores
ASA vs GI Bleed calculator for primary prevention

Evidenced Based Medicine
1. Essential Evidence Plus
Quick, high yield EBM summaries, links to national guidelines, helpful decision calculators
2. DynaMed
Slowly replacing UpToDate due to being extremely high yield, succinct enough to use on the wards.
4. ACP Pocket Guidelines - can be accessed as a mobile friendly website from any device.

Differential Diagnosis
1. DiagnosisPro
Great site that allows you to keep adding findings to narrow the differential and FREE
(could be more intuitive, make sure to click "Narrow Results" to add another finding)
2. Diagnosaurus
Free tool for your PDA.
3. DXPlain -
free with a log in (link on right panel)

Infectious Disease
1. John Hopkins ABX Guide
free with website registration (can purchase handheld version as well)
2. John Hopkins HIV Guide
3. TheraDoc - Antibiotic Assistant LE - free with a log in (link on right panel)

Learning Radiology

Mastering EKGs
1. Rapid Interpretation of EKGs Cheat sheets (normally found in the back of the book)
2. The BIDMC ECG Database (some are very challenging)
3. Learning about pacemaker rhythms

Medical Calculators
1. MDCalc
2. MedCalc 3000 - free with a log in (link on right panel)

Craig A Napolitano          Last Updated 6/3/2010