Journal publications

Under review

[P31] In vivo quantification of in-plane displacement of soft tissues under compression in the context of pressure ulcer prevention: Preliminary MRI study reveals that out-of-plane motion is not negligible, Ekaterina Mukhina, Alessio Trebbi, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Nathanael Connesson,Yohan Payan, Journal of Tissue Viability, under review

[P30] MR-based quantitative measurement of human soft tissue internal strains for pressure ulcer prevention, Alessio Trebbi, Ekaterina Mukhina, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Nathanaël Connesson, Mathieu Bailet, Antoine Perrier, Yohan Payan, Medical Engineering and Physics, under review

[P29] A wear model to predict damage of reconstructed ACL, Deyo Maeztu Redin, Julien Caroux, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Hélène Pillet, Alexia Cermolacce, Julien Trnka, Mathieu Manassero, Véronique Viateau, Laurent Corté, Journal of Biomechanics, under review

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[P23] Digital twinning of Cellular Capsule Technology: emerging outcomes from the perspective of porous media mechanics, Stéphane Urcun, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Wafa Skalli, Pierre Nassoy, Stéphane P. A. Bordas, Giuseppe Sciumè, Plos One, accepted

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[P21] Development and evaluation of a new procedure for subject-specific tensioning of finite element knee ligaments, Bhrigu K. Lahkar, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Helene Pillet, Patricia Thoreux, Wafa Skalli, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, accepted


[P20] Combining Freehand Ultrasound-Based Indentation and Inverse Finite Element Modelling for the Identification of Hyperelastic Material Properties of Thigh Soft Tissues, Nolwenn Fougeron, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Diane Hearing, Jean-Loïc Rose, Xavier Bonnet, Helene Pillet, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, Volume xx, Febuary 2020, Pages xxx

[P19] Combined 3D analysis of morphology and function of the clubfoot lower-limb: a preliminary study, Virginie Rampal, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Hélène Pillet, Aurore Bonnet-Lebrun, Mickael Fonseca, Eric Desailly, Philippe Wicart, Wafa Skalli, Submitted to Orthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research, accepted, Available online 26 February 2020

[P18] Is a simplified Finite Element model of the gluteus region able to capture the mechanical response of the internal soft tissues under compression? Aurélien Macron, Hélène Pillet, Jennifer Doridam, Isabelle Rivals, Mohammad Javad Sadeghinia, Alexandre Verney, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 71, January 2020, Pages 92-100

[P17] Quantifying discretization errors for soft-tissue simulation in computer assisted surgery: a preliminary study, Michel Duprez; Stéphane Bordas; Marek Bucki; Huu Phuoc Bui; Franz Chouly; Vanessa Lleras; Claudio Lobos; Alexei Lozinski; Pierre-Yves Rohan; Satyendra Tomar, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Volume 77(1), January 2020, Pages 709-723


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Book chapters

[B6] Real-time numerical prediction of strain localization using dictionary-based ROM-nets for sitting-acquired deep tissue injury prevention, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Nolwenn Fougeron, Bethany Keenan, Hélène Pillet, Sébastien Laporte, Nikolay Osipov, David Ryckelynck, In Reduced Order Models for the Biomechanics of Living Organs


[B5] Evaluation of the agreement between Ultrasound-based and bi-planar X-Ray radiography-based assessment of the geometrical features of the Ischial Tuberosity in the context of the prevention of seating-related pressure injury, Audrey Berriot, Nolwenn Fougeron, Xavier Bonnet, Hélène Pillet, Pierre-Yves Rohan, In: Joldes G., Doyle B., Wittek A., Nielsen P., Miller K. (eds) Computational Biomechanics for Medicine. Springer, 2020, accepted

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[B3] Role of Ligaments in the Knee Joint Kinematic Behavior: Development and Validation of a Finite Element Model, Francois Germain, Pierre-Yves Rohan, Goulven Rochcongar, Philippe Rouch, Patricia Thoreux, Helene Pillet, Wafa Skalli, In: Joldes G., Doyle B., Wittek A., Nielsen P., Miller K. (eds) Computational Biomechanics for Medicine. Springer, 2016, 15-26

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PhD Thesis (2013)

[T2] Etude biomécanique de l’action des Bas Médicaux de Compression sur les parois veineuses du membre inférieur (manuscrit) Under the supervision of Stephane Avril and Pierre Badel (Industrial collaboration: Sigvaris)

MSc Thesis (2010)

[T1] Meshless algorithm for modelling soft tissue failure (manuscript) Under the supervision of Adam Wittek and Karol Miller (ISML - University of Western Australia)

Science popularization

[SP2] A few remarks about the computer implementation and the verification of some hyperelastic constitutive laws and an illustration with the mechanical response of an artery, 2022, Manon BLAISE, Huu Phuoc BUI, Franz CHOULY, Pierre-Yves ROHAN

[SP1] Introduction à la Biomécanique - CultureSciences de l'Ingénieur, 2022, Bastien SAUTY, Thomas LAVIGNE, Pierre-Yves ROHAN

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