Soft tissue Biomechanics

Pierre-Yves Rohan, PhD

I started my training in research during my final year project in 2010 at the University of Western Australia (Australia). I had the pleasure of working for 6 months on the development of an algorithm based on the meshless method for modeling soft tissue damage. Following this first very positive experience, I continued with a PhD thesis at the Centre Ingénierie et Santé of the École des Mines de Saint-Étienne in France in collaboration with the industrial group SIGVARIS on the development of tools to understand and quantify the biomechanical action of Medical Compression Stockings on the blood vessels of the leg. Followed a one year of postdoctoral research at the TIMC-IMAG laboratory of University Grenobles Alpes in France, on the development of a biomechanical model of the oral cavity for preoperative planning of tongue operations. These two experiences in the academic research environment were periods of personal fulfilment and confirmed that laboratory research corresponded to my expectations.

I was recruited in October 2014 at the Institut de Biomécanique Humaine Georges Charpak of Arts et Métiers as an assistant professor in biomechanics. Very quickly I became interested in the problem of prevention of biological soft tissue injuries. In the framework of Aurélien Macron's thesis (2016-2019), we proposed an original method for the fast generation of patient-specific Finite Element models of the buttock which received the Journal of Clinical Biomechanics award during the 2018 EPUAP conference. I am are currently pursuing this research towards the development of personalized multi-scale multiphysics model of the subcutaneous tissues response during interactions with support surfaces. To secure these developments, several (small) grants have recently been secured as PI : European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Research Project Collaboration Funding (2020, 10 k€, Collaboration Yohan PAYAN, Bethany KEENAN) and Fondation de l'Avenir pour la recherche médicale grant (2023, 40 k€, Collaboration Fondation HOPALE).

Interacting with the clinical partners opened my eyes on the importance of doing research with the patient as the central focus. This was a very inspiring and I would like to be more involved in the development of education framework that will incorporate the key topics related to pressure ulcers and the promotion of international research collaborations and internationally excellent research. As part of this motivation, I have chaired the Reseach committee of the “European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel” (EPUAP) from 2021 to 2023. 

Post-doctoral supervision


Jamie FRAME (10/2016-12/2017)  Development of a mechano-biological model of multi-tissue evolution in bone for the simulation of the osseointegration of hydrogel implants. Supervisors : Rachele Allena, Laurent Corte, Pierre-Yves Rohan

Clinical Research Delegate Collaboration


Maud CREZE (10/2022-07/2023Thoracolumbar Fascia and aponeurosis characterization by shear wave elastography: an in vitro preliminary study. Supervisors : Claudio Vergari, Pierre-Yves Rohan

PhD students supervision

Upcoming (funding confirmed)

Jérôme HADDAD Design and evaluation of a predictive biomarker for the risk of foot ulceration in a population of diabetic patients with lower limb peripheral neuropathy, using routine clinical testing tools Advisors : Pierre-Yves Rohan, Agnès Hartemann. Co-advisors : Georges HA VAN, Antoine PERRIER 


Thomas LAVIGNE Characterization and modelling of perfusion and soft tissue damage for pressure ulcer prevention Advisors: Pierre-Yves Rohan, Giuseppe Sciume, Stéphane Bordas

Maïalen MATRAY Individualized Manufacturing from fully digital PRocesses: human/orthopaedic device INTerfaces (IMPRINT) Advisor: Helene Pillet. Co-advisors: Xavier Bonnet, Pierre-Yves Rohan

Alexandre SEGAIN, Multiscale modelling and tissue characterization to understand the pathways of skin integrity, Advisor: Helene Pillet. Co-advisors: Pierre-Yves Rohan, Giuseppe Sciume


Ekaterina MUKHINA (PhD defense : November, 25 2022), Mixed experimental and numerical approach for the study of the biomechanical and biological phenomena leading to the loss of skin integrity as a result of exposure to prolonged pressure Advisor: Yohan Payan. Co-advisors: Nathanaël Connesson, Pierre-Yves Rohan.

Stephane URCUN (PhD defense : March, 15 2022), Data Driven Tumor Growth Modelling: mechanics of multiphase systems and model reduction for personalized medicine. Advisors: Stéphane Bordas, Wafa Skalli. Co-advisor: Giuseppe Sciume, Pierre-Yves Rohan

Nolwenn FOURGERON (PhD defense : December, 15 2020), Modelling of residual limb/socket interaction in individuals with trans-femoral prosthesis for subject-specific socket design. Advisor: Helene Pillet. Co-advisors: Xavier Bonnet, Pierre-Yves Rohan

Brighu LAHKAR (PhD defense : December, 14 2020), Subject-specific Finite Element modeling of the knee joint for Computer Aided Surgery. Advisors: Wafa Skalli, Patricia Thoreux. Co-advisor: Pierre-Yves Rohan

Aurelien MACRON (PhD defense : March, 7 2019), Contribution to the assessment of the risk of pressure ulcers during prolonged contact using the Finite Element Method. Application to the study of seating. Advisor: Helene Pillet. Co-advisor: Pierre-Yves Rohan. 

Virginie RAMPAL (PhD defense : December, 11 2017), Contribution to the quantitative, morphological and functional analysis of the child's lower limb. Advisors: Wafa Skalli, Philippe Wicart. Co-advisor: Pierre-Yves Rohan. 

Undergraduate research project supervision

Student mentorship and training is paramount in my activities. My ambition is to link research and training programmes with the need to open up new prospectives in soft tissue biomechanics research. As part of the Biomedical Engineering Paris Master’s programme, I co-supervise several undergraduate and MSc research projects each year :  

Benoit VIGUIE (MSc 2023), Gregoire DESHAIRS (MSc 2023), Jérome HADDAD (MSc 2023), Carla CORNILLON (M1 2023), Chloé WAETCHTER (physiotherapist 2023), Lune TEPLITCHI  (M1 2023), Carole JOLY (MSc 2023), Theo NANICHE (MSc 2022), Pauline ALGOURDIN (MSc 2022), Léa CHALANQUI (MSc 2022), Pierre MARTINOT (MSc 2022), Flavio KOLLMANN (M1 2022), Suzanne CONTE and Alicia HEDDADJ (L3 2022), Thomas LAVIGNE (MSc 2021) [P26, CP8, A32], Maher ABOU KARAM (MSc 2021) [P25], Fabien TATIN (MSc 2021), Nils DARAS (physiotherapist 2021), Guillaume REBEYRAT (MSc 2020), Audrey BERRIOT (MSc 2020) [BC5 ], Alexandre PAWLOWSKI (physiotherapist 2020),Nicolas RUYSSEN (MSc 2019), Mohammed Javad SADEGHINIA (MSc 2018) [P13], Jennifer DORIDAM (MSc 2018) [P13], Manon BLAISE (M1 2018), Zahrasadat MAHDIANSADR (MSc 2017), Mikael FONSECA (MSc 2017) [P13], Bhrigu LAHKAR (MSc 2017) [A13], Nolwenn FOUGERON (MSc 2017) P11, CA16], Etienne LEMERCIER (MSc 2016), Stan DURAND (MSc 2016) [P15], Mayra MORA ESPINOSA (MSc 2016), Rebekah SAKSIK (MSc 2016) [P8], Haley ABRAMSON (M1, exchange Student from MIT, 2016), Elaheh ELYASI (M1, 2016) Guillaume SAUTIERE (MSc 2015) [CA4], Leopold ROBICHON (MSc 2015) [CA5].


2025 - RIPEC ? - waiting for answer

Oct 2021 - Young Researcher Award of the “Société de Biomécanique”

2019-2024 - Research and doctoral supervision award ("Prime d'encadrement doctoral et de recherche") awarded by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research. Awarded in 2019. 

Selection Committee for Assistant Professor position

2023 - poste MCF n°Galaxie 168 PhITEM/TIMC 

PhD examination

2023 - Reviewer in the PhD defense of Clémence PAQUIN. Thesis title ""

2023- Outside examiner in the PhD defense of Mechanical engineering of Elis CASTRO- Marie Skladowska-Curie ESR.

2022 - Outside examiner in the PhD defense of Mechanical engineering of Juan Deyo MAEZTU-REDIN. Thesis title: Mechanics of hydrogel fibers and of their assemblies for the design of biological tissue substitutes with high resistance.

2021 - Outside examiner in the Doctorate of Philosophy of “Mechanical engineering” at the UGA/TIMC-IMAG for the PhD candidate Elaheh ELYASI. Thesis title: Biomechanical modeling of the knee joint for computer assisted medical interventions

2019 - Outside examiner in the Doctorate of Philosophy of “Mechanical engineering” at the École des Mines de Saint-Étienne for the PhD candidate Venkat Siva Radha Krishna Ayyalasomayajula. Thesis title: 3-D reconstruction of micro-scale mechanical state of the abdominal aortic aneurysm wall

International conference Session Moderator 

[5] Co-moderator at EPUAP 2023

[4] Co-organiser of and co-moderator at the 18th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (, May 3 to 5 2023, Paris, France)

[3] Co-chair of the "Biomechanics Committee" at the 25th edition of the Congrès Francais de Mécanique (, August 29 to September 2nd 2022, Nantes, France )

[2] Co-moderator at the 9th World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB 2022, July 10 to 14, 2022,  Taipei, Taiwan)

[1] Co-moderator at EPUAP 2022

[1] Co-moderator at EPUAP 2021

Service to the community

Service to ENSAM

2022 - Present American graduate student coordinator
2020 – Present Co-chair of the « Health Science » subtrack of the BioMechanics (BioMECH) track of the BME PARIS master’s program      
2020 - present Scientific & User Committee of the Arts et Métiers High Performance Computing Center CASSIOPEE
2022 - present Initiated and lead the IBHGC Multiscale mechanical characterisation of biological tissues working group 

Scientific community          

2023 Organizing committee, CMBBE2023, Paris, France
2022 Organisation of the STINTS European Training Network Summer School, Paris, France
"Skin damage: mechanisms, prevention and therapies"  (dropbox link to programme)
2018 Grant Reviewer, French National Research Agency
2015 Organizing committee of SB2015, Paris, France
2013 Organizing committee of Euromech colliquia 534, Saint-Etienne, France   

Research Ethics & Compliance

2023  RCB : 2023-A01070-45 Évaluation et caractérisation de la rigidité, la géométrie et la perfusion tissulaire sur la face plantaire des pieds de sujets sains et de sujets diabetiques atteints d’une neuropathie périphérique,
- Service de Diabétologie Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris)
- Institut de Biomécanique Humaine Georges Charpak, ENSAM (Paris)

2023 RCB : 2023-A00418-37 Etude des Propriétés moRphologiques, mEcaniques et Vasculaires des tissus mous dans des population A rIsque dans le cadre de la prévention des uLcères de pression,
- Institut de Biomécanique Humaine Georges Charpak, ENSAM (Paris)
- Hôpital Charles Foix (Ivry-sur-Seine)
- Pôle Saint-Hélier (Rennes)
- Centre J. Calvé, Fondation Hopale (Berck-sur-mer) 

Research Grants and Fundings

2024-2025 Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique « Coup de pouce » grant, xxx,  PI : Pierre-Yves ROHAN and Francois HILD - waiting for answer

2024-2025 FACE Foundation Transatlantic Research Partnership Grant, Developing a Link Between Muscle Microstructural Form and Function - Towards Improved Treatments for Age Related Muscle Impairments, US PI : Benjamin WHEATLEY, French PI : Pierre-Yves ROHAN - waiting for answer, 20 k€ 

2023-2024 Fondation de l'Avenir pour la recherche médicale grant, Transfert clinique d'innovations technologiques et numériques pour l'identification et la prévention des risques d'escarre, PI : Pierre-Yves ROHAN, 40 k€ 

2022-2025 ANR PRCE, Individualized Manufacturing from  fully  digital  PRocesses : Human-Orthopaedic device INTerfaces (IMPRINT), PI: Hélene PILLET and Laurine CALISTRI, Funding of  1 PhD student (Maialen MATRAY)

2022-2025 Institut Carnot ARTS AD-DICT, Structural materials Aging and Damage study using high resolution DIC Technique Applications to an elastomer and to the intervertebral disc, PI: Halim HADDAD, Funding  of equipment and 1 MSc student (Camille SLAMA)

2021-2024 Doctoral contract with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, PI: Hélene PILLET ,  Funding of  1 PhD student (Alexandre SEGAIN)

2020-2022 European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Research Project Collaboration Funding, Preliminary evaluation of the clinical relevance of a simplified framework for generating in silico models from freehand Ultrasound for monitoring internal tissue strains for the prevention of PUs - PI : Pierre-Yves ROHAN, 10 k€, renting of CARDIFF MRI platform location, 1 MSc student (Gregoire DESHAIRS) and face to face meetings

2018-2022 H2020 ITN STINTS, Understanding the complex biomechanical and biochemical pathways leading to loss of skin integrity, following skin exposure to prolonged pressure and shear forces, PI :Yohan PAYAN,  Funding of  1 PhD student (Ekaterina MUKHINA)

2018-2021 ENSAM "Réseau santé", Mechano-biology of tumor growth with the aim of clinical application, a reactive multiphase poromechanical approach, PI: Wafa SKALLI and Stéphane BORDAS, Funding of  1 PhD student (Stéphane URCUN) 

2016-2018   Fondation de l'Avenir pour la recherche médicale grant, Development of a monitoring tool of the subdermal soft tissue deformation for the prevention of pressure ulcers in the paraplegic and tetraplegic patient, PI : Hélène PILLET, 40 k€, funding of 2 MSc student (Nolwenn FOUGERON, Jennifer DORIDAM), pressure matresses and conference funding

2016-2019 Fondation des Arts et Métiers and the Fond de dotation Clinatec, Contribution to the modelling the human-machine mechanical interface in the full-body exoskeleton, EMY (Enhanced Mobility), developed by a French research team from CEA LIST, PI : Hélène PILLET, funding of  1 PhD student (Aurélien MACRON)

2016-2017 Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique « Coup de pouce » grant, Modelling the osseo-integration of hydrogel implants », PI : Rachele ALLENA, Funding of  1 Post-Doc (Jamie FRAME)

2014-2016 Région  Bourgogne-Franche-Comté  funding, Mathematical models and numerical methods for non-linear elasticity and multiphysics couplings, PI: Franz CHOULY, Travel grant 


  • Science popularization


April 2022 - Cruciblist for the European Crucible 2022

In vitro experiments

2023 Clinical Research Delegation of Maud Creze (x fresh frozen human thoracolumbar Fascia and aponeurosis)

2023 M2 Caroline Robine-Decourcelle (7 fresh frozen dog lower limbs)

2022 PhD Thomas Lavigne (x bovine muscle tissue samples)

2021 ANR LIGAGEL2 (16 fresh frozen sheep lower limbs)

2016 ANR LIGAGEL (14 fresh frozen sheep lower limbs)