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Thanks to generous donations from the community and some wonderful grants, 

we will continue operating the shelter on a year round basis

in our new location at CITY ROAD CENTER FOR HOPE!

Sometimes you just run out of places to turn.  

Community Partners of Hope helps homeless men with their immediate need for food, a warm safe place to sleep, and access to shower and toilet facilities for the night.   


First and foremost, we bring men in out of the weather and provide a warm (or cool) place to spend the night.  

The ultimate goal of the Shelter is to help the men get back to a self sufficient life.   

The Henderson/Vance Men's Shelter operated in the basement of First Presbyterian Church at the corner of Young Street and Chestnut Street in Henderson, NC for 16 years.    We are excited to announce that we will be moving to our new shelter location in late spring of 2024!  

CITY ROAD CENTER FOR HOPE will operate the men's shelter in the fellowship hall portion of the now vacant City Road United Methodist Church (that church has merged with First United Methodist)

The shelter will receive men from 5:30pm until 7:00pm daily and discharge them at 6:30am the following day.   In addition to a clean warm bed, the men get a chance to take a hot shower, wash their clothes, and enjoy a dinner and light breakfast before heading out for the day.   

The Shelter is staffed by paid Shelter Managers and supervisors along with a team of volunteers.   The Managers are responsible for daily operations of the Shelter, coordinating the scheduling of staff and volunteers and ensuring that the rules of the Shelter are followed.   The volunteers assist as needed and serve as backup to the paid staff.  

NOTE:  Due to Covid, we had to discontinue the use of volunteers for 3 seasons.   We look forward to using volunteers again once we move into the City Road facility.   There are other ways to help like donations, preparing meals, repairs, etc.We also try to help men in need to find help to change their circumstances by referrals to the right training, rehabilitation, medical, and support organizations.

Our mission is to provide shelter and assistance for men to move 

from homelessness to housing.

 We need volunteers 

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