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The Shelter season ends on March 31 and will resume October 1

With your help we may be able to remain open year round in the future!

Sometimes you just run out of places to turn.  

Community Partners of Hope helps homeless men with their immediate need for food, a warm safe place to sleep, and access to shower and toilet facilities for the night.   

At this time we operate a temporary emergency shelter in the basement under the fellowship hall at First Presbyterian Church (entrance from Church Street) and a transitional house to help men take the next step towards wholeness.

We also try to help men in need to find help to change their circumstances by referrals to the right training, rehabilitation, medical, and support organizations.

Our mission is to provide shelter and assistance for men to move 

from homelessness to housing.

 We need volunteers 

You can tell us about yourself and how you'd like to help by clicking the link below:

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