General Information

The Copenhagen-Lund "Disk" meetings are a bi-annual series of international conferences which serve to connect the communities of researchers in Copenhagen (University of Copenhagen Denmark) and Lund (Sweden) who are interested generally, but not exclusively in:

  • Accretion and Protoplanetary disks
  • Planet Formation
  • Dust processes
  • Computational and Theoretical astrophysics

An emphasis put on fostering discussion, and keeping the members of the local community connected to each other and up to date on the work being performed in the region. Talks by junior researchers (Master's and PhD students), and by newly arrived researchers are particularly encouraged.

The meetings are organized by:

  • Pablo Benitez-Llambay (NBIA, Copenhagen)
  • Michiel Lambrechts (Lund Obs.)

Announcements about meetings are posted through the Google Groups mailing list "CPH-Lund Disk Meetings".

Meetings run from nominally 10:00 to 15:30, with the times adjusted so that participants can realistically travel to the venue by Oersundstag train.

Former organizers:

Chao-Chin Yang (Lund Obs.) (2013-2017)

Colin McNally (NBIA) (2013-2016)