A self-running RPG modification for DXMP (Deus Ex Multiplayer). This was designed to bring more elements of the singleplayer game to DXMP - which is a classic 90s FPS shooter by default.

What can you do in Cozmo_RPG?
  • Explore a large city map
  • Earn credits - and use them to buy weapons, augmentations, clothes, an apartment, food, furniture etc
  • Automated shops - that run themselves throughout the city
  • Join factions - two big triads in Chinatown are constantly fighting (players and NPCs alike)
  • Triad wars - invade an opposing triad's base and take out their leader for a huge reward
  • Become a cop - then earn credits plus bonus for dealing with NPC and player criminals
  • Crime - make money by robbing the bank, robbing civilians and more
  • Rampage - you can still go around fighting each other (or not)
  • Abandoned slums - to explore (and cleanse)
  • Hunger system - remember to eat

This was my first big project, and Cozmo_RPG v1 was released in early 2011. It was kindly hosted by Hasharin, and was the most populated server while it ran (eventually, the server had to be closed due to IRL stuff).

A short while later, ChineseDemocracy and ShadowRunner made a new & vastly improved map for the mod - Cozmo_RPG v2. This actually blew my mind a bit, because my RPG mod was originally intended to actually be a set of tools for other people making RPG maps; it had somehow ended up fulfilling that long-forgotten purpose. v2 ran for an even longer time, until around 2013.

MODDB (v1 <now editable> and v2 are both available here)
Old FGS topic for nostalgia