Mathieu Couttenier

Research Chair IDEX

University of Lyon, ENS Lyon & GATE

Research Affiliate, CEPR


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Research Interests: Political Economy and Economic Development

Civil Conflicts / Natural Resources / Media


  • "Fertile Ground for Conflict'' (with Nicolas Berman and Raphael Soubeyran) [CEPR Working Paper: DP12211] Journal of European Economic Association (Forthcoming )
  • "The Violent Legacy of Victimization: Post-conflict Evidence on Asylum Seekers, Crimes and Public Policy in Switzerland" (with V. Preotu, D.Rohner and M.Thoenig) [Revised Version - July 2019: Paper -- Online Appendix] [CEPR Working Paper: DP11079] American Economic Review (Forthcoming )
  • "This mine is mine! How minerals fuel conflicts in Africa" (with Nicolas Berman, Dominic Rohner and Mathias Thoenig) [Published Version: Paper -- Online Appendix ] [CEPR Working Paper: DP10089] American Economic Review (2017), Volume 107, Issue 6
  • "The Wild West is Wild: The Homicide Resource Curse", (with Pauline Grosjean and Marc Sangnier) [Published Version] [Working Paper] [Replication Files] Journal of European Economic Association (2017), Volume 15-3
  • "Corruption for Sales" (with Farid Toubal) [Paper] Journal of Comparative Economics (2017), Volume 45, Issue 1, pp 55-66
  • "Mass Media Effects on Advocacy Non-Governmental Organizations", (with Sophie Hatte) [Paper - Online Appendix] Journal of Development Economics (2016), Volume 123, p57-72
  • "External Shocks, Internal Shots: the Geography of Civil Conflicts", (with Nicolas Berman) [CEPR DP9895] [Published Version] [Replications Files] Review of Economics and Statistics (2015) Volume 97, No.4 : 758-776
  • "Untouchability, Homicides and Water Access", (with Catherine Bros) [Published Version] Journal of Comparative Economics (2015), Volume 43, Issue 3, pp 549-555
  • "Living in the Garden of Eden: Mineral Resources and Preferences for Redistribution", (with Marc Sangnier) [Published Version] Journal of Comparative Economics (2015), Volume 43, Issue 2, pp. 243-256
  • "A Survey of the Causes of Civil Conflicts: Natural Factors and Economic Conditions", (with Raphael Soubeyran) Revue Economie Politique (2015), Volume 126, pp.787-810
  • "Drought and Civil War in Sub-Saharan Africa", (with Raphael Soubeyran) [Published Version] [Replication Files] Economic Journal, (2014), Volume 124, Issue 575, pp. 201-240
  • "L’effet conditionnel des ressources naturelles sur les institutions" [Version WP] Revue Economique, (2012) Volume 63 N°1

Working Papers

  • "THE LOGIC OF FEAR: Populism & the Media Coverage of Immigrants Crimes '' (with Sophie Hatte, Mathias Thoenig and Stephanos Vlachos) [New Version: Paper -- Online Appendix] [CEPR Working Paper DP13496] [Working Paper GATE]
  • "Communication Strategies of Non-Governmental Organizations: Theory and Evidence'' (with Sophie Hatte, Pierre Fleckinger and Matthieu Glachant)

Work in Progress

    • "Natural Resources and Ethnic Identity" (with Nicolas Berman and Victoire Girard)


  • "Trade and Income : Using Civil Wars in Transit Countries as External Shocks on Trade" (with Vincent Vicard)
  • "Diplomatic Intervention in Civil War: Trade for One or Trade for All?", 2011 (with Raphael Soubeyran) [WP Version]
  • "Relationship between Natural Resources and Institutions", [WP Version ] [New Version]


  • Co-organizer Public and Political Economy Day at ENS de Lyon, since 2018 [Link]
  • Co-organizer of the Workshop on "Political Economy of Conflicts and Development", 2016-2018
  • "Sécheresse et Guerre Civile en Afrique Sub-Saharienne", (2013) (with Annie Hofstetter and Raphael Soubeyran) Résultat de recherche, INRA Sciences Sociales, N°6/2013 [LINK]
  • "An overview of the Roots of Civil Wars: Natural Factors and Economic Conditions" (with Raphael Soubeyran), G-MonD Policy Papers n°2, January 2013 [LINK]