Costford Kottayam

Let us help you build green . . . 
Costford Kottayam is committed to building aesthetically marvelous, cost effective and nature friendly buildings. We are part of the Center of Science and Technology for Rural Development (COSTFORD), a non profit, voluntary organisation of social workers, educators, architects, engineers, scientists, technologists and others. We facilitate a new habitat culture in Kerala with the application of people friendly and environmentally suitable building technologies and adopting participatory, transparent and gender sensitive processes.

COSTFORD KOTTAYAM functions as part of COSTFORD Thiruvanantha-puram, and our area of operation is Kottayam and Pathanamthitta Districts.

We started functioning in Kottayam on the 3rd of March 2004. In this short span of time, we could realise the dreams of more than hundred clients by providing them with beautiful houses. Apart from this we have also built schools, churches, resorts and designed & landscaped public spaces.

The aesthetic marvel and the Eco friendly nature of our buildings have attracted people from all walks of life.

Costford Kottayam takes good care of its clients and understand the constraints related to resources often faced in the process of building. We therefore pay utmost attention to and take regular feedback from our clients to incorporate methods and techniques into the very process of planning and execution, so that the building cost would be reduced to the minimum and available local resources be effectively used. Client’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our growing client base is a clear indication on this regard.

We hope that this website would give you an opportunity to understand our architecture and the philosophy behind it. We follow the basic principles of Eco friendly and cost-effective architecture developed by Dr Laurie Baker, the world famous architect and visionary.
The houses and buildings designed by us are unique for effective utilization of space, maximum availability of natural light and smooth air flow that keeps them cool, cozy and environment friendly. The wide open arch doors, bay bunches, specially designed storage cabinets and brick-work distinguishes our buildings and houses from the match-box shaped buildings common in Kerala. Above all our buildings need zero maintenance, unlike the convent-ional architecture. Our architecture is a perfect blend of modern and traditional techniques.

Beyond the brick wall structures, we also promote rainwater harvesting, solar powered lights and water heating system, Bio-gas plants, waste management systems, landscaping etc.

COSTFORD ensures better services at affordable cost for a better living.