Remember The Zoo? (CITOP015)

  1. In The Back Of My Mind

  2. Let Him Run Wild 

  3. Summer Means New Love 

  4. The Little Girl I Once Knew

  5. Trombone Dixie*

  6. In My Childhood

  7. Pet Sounds*

  8. I'm Waiting For The Day

  9. I'm In Great Shape 

10. Teeter-Totter Love (f. Jasper Dailey)

11. Tones

12. Remember The Zoo ? (never recorded)


         Produced by Brian Wilson


[tracks noted * had lyrics]

As a working title for Pet Sounds, Remember The Zoo probably lasted all of an afternoon… but according to an article in the July 1994 issue of the highly regarded Beach Boys Australia fanzine, it was in fact the title of an album set to have been released between Party and Pet Sounds itself but, for reasons unspecified, shelved. Penned by someone sheltering behind the pen name 'The Correct Perspective' (someone who claimed to be a confidante of Brian's from the earliest days), the article was full of fascinating information: "I'm In Great Shape" predated its commonly held Smile origins - as did "Tones" -  and eventually mutated into the B side of Brian's 1988 "Love & Mercy" single… both "Trombone Dixie" and "Pet Sounds" had lyrics written for them (by Brian)… and so on. All fascinating stuff.
And, of course, all complete nonsense. The holes in this particular fantasy are numerous, the most obvious being the total lack of documentation for certain songs being recorded - or even written - during the period in question, and the extreme unlikelihood of including three songs released in 1965 on an album alleged to have been slated for spring 1966. It's a testament to the esteem in which BBA was held that this gibberish wasn't immediately dismissed out of hand, but the story soon unraveled; yet even today, every now and then, the topic resurfaces.

Possibility of release: as a transparent hoax, none whatsoever.

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  By Kind Permission of Andrew G. Doe

REMEMBER THE ZOO? can only be regarded as a fictional flight of fancy. Sure, it is interesting in a "fan-fiction" sort of way, but it should not be passed off as FACT!