Cooper Park Neighborhood Association was formed with a mission in mind: To establish a cohesive, active neighborhood that supports and nurtures continuous improvement and to become a recognized, unique benchmark community.

Part of the larger Westside neighborhood, Cooper Park is bounded by 1.0 miles of West Center Street (including the property lots on the south side of the street) to the south, 1.0 miles of West Burleigh Street to the north, 0.54 miles of North 92nd Street to the west, and 0.54 miles of North 76th Street to the east.  The following streets also cross the neighborhood, from east to west: West Chambers Street, West Locust Street, West Hadley Street, and West Lorraine Place.  In total, the neighborhood is roughly ½ square miles and contains roughly 1,250 properties, comprised of single- and multiple-family homes.  Therefore, this neighborhood association should serve around 5,000 or more people.  

At the heart of the neighborhood is Cooper Park, an 8.4 acre multi-use park at 8701 W. Chambers Street.  The park contains a toddler pool, children’s’ play area, pavilion, two baseball diamonds, and additional green space. 

The majority of the homes in the neighborhood were built in the late 1940's and early 1950’s.  However, there are homes build in the 1920's and some built as early as 1898.  
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Cooper Park Neighborhood Association
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