The software was tested successfully on DM800HD WebIF 1.6.2-1.6.8, OpenPLI 2.1 and DM500S images (Pli Jade3).

DreamboxPlayer v2.1 now supports a wider variety of devices due to the XML parsing improvements added.

We are happy to add or provide support for more devices requested in the future as long as they run the WebIf API.

Current features of the software include:

1. Bouquet selection / Provider / All Services

2. Predefined Audio Languages

3. Automatic Translation of EPG to the language of your selection (limited by Google)

4. All the features you would expect from a decent media player - FullScreen, Aspect Ratio, Volume etc.

5. Full service icon support (includes over 10,000 provider and channel images)

6. Automatic re-connection to box if connection is lost

7. Local Recording capability in MP4 format (All audio languages recorded)

8. Box Control commands: Restart GUI, Reboot, Standby, WakeUp

9. Ability to re-stream the currently playing video externally to other devices within your home.

This was tested on Android 6.01 using MX Player and should work on most network capable media players.

Previously Enigma 1 devices could stream only to 1 or 2 devices.

You can stream the video to as many home devices as your PC can handle (CPU + Network).

See "Streaming Status" tab within the application for more details. The tab displays all available streams for 3rd party devices.

10. Compatibility with most if not all windows versions (XP and above) running .NET 4.0 run-time

11. EPG Grid & Search

12. Bouquet EPG

13. Disable SampleRate convertsion to bypass audio conversion issues

14. Timer control for scheduling recordings on the STB. Warning: User interaction (zapping) might interrupt scheduled timers.

15. Selection of TCP port where WebIF is running

16. HTTPS support (if supported and configured on the STB)

17. Authentication option for accessing the video stream and the WebIF

18. Translate cache to minimize translation requests (encrypted XML), cleared every 4 hours or manually

19. Channel cache to minimize WebIF requests (stored in encrypted XML), cleared every 365 days or manually

20. EPG Grid IMDB search button

21. EPG Grid Zap Timer button

22. EPG Grid Record Timer button

23. Pre-set Aspect Ratio

24. Pre-set Deinterlace mode

25. Option to set STB to standby on exit

26. Filter channels / bouquets functionality

27. View menu to show different view combinations

28. Option to sort bouquets / channels alphabetically

29. Same user interface for E1 as E2 users

30. Allow the user to have multiple DM profiles and switch between them

Future features:

1. Timer control for scheduling recordings on box or locally

2. EPG Search

3. Bouquet EPG


Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10 support added (All Windows versions above XP SP3 are compatible).

In order for the application to support Windows 8+, User Account Control functionality was added to allow handling of VLC background instances.

The only requirement currently is to have .NET 4.0 runtime installed on your machine.

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