Dreambox Player v2.1 Released

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Dreambox Player Features

Our software list includes the popular Dreambox Player, which enables you to stream content from your Dreambox Set Top Box directly to your Windows PC. The software has been designed with user usability in mind and many features have been added to it over time with the price remaining unchanged.

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Dreambox Player currently supports Enigma 2 devices and has limited support for Enigma 1.

The great thing about our software is that it is one of the only windows based programs which provides a usable and intuitive GUI for directly streaming video on Windows 64-bit.

It is also compatible with Windows 32-bit.

The only requirement is to have .NET 4.0 installed

Dreambox Player is tested successfully on DM800HD WebIF 1.6.2 and DM500S images (Pli Jade3).

We are happy to add or provide support for more devices requested in the future as long as they run the WebIf API.

Note that is retailed at the very low price of 10 Euro.

Legal Notice:

Please note that the software itself will display the contents of the Set Top Box. We do not approve piracy or illegal use of the Dreambox devices. We do not have any affiliation with pirated satellite subscriptions. It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure legal usage of our software. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Dreambox Player Version 2.1 Trial

Download the 32-bit and 64-bit edition from the link below.

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COOLDEVELOPMENTS grants non-profit distribution rights to any company/individual wishing to distribute, without charge, the COMPLETE "DREAMBOX PLAYER" TRIAL INSTALLATION FILES.

Any distribution MUST include ALL original TRIAL INSTALLATION FILES without modifications or additions. Registration keys, or any other means of bypassing the Trial license, must NOT be included as part of the distribution.

Unless explicit permission is requested and granted by the author ("COOLDEVELOPMENTS") "DREAMBOX PLAYER" may not be distributed for profit in any form.

By downloading our software and installing it, you agree to the EULA listed in our site.

The installation contains limitations such as:

10 days Trial.

10 minutes play time.

These limitations will be removed when you purchase a valid license from CoolDevelopments.