Cool Art Resources by Greg Storer ART

Cool Art Sites

The Getty Search Gateway (over 10,000 high res. images)

Vincent Van Gogh's Letters

Interview With Edward Hopper

Sistine Chapel

Rembrandt's J'Accuse  A fascinating documentary about "The Nightwatch" aka "The Company of captain Frans Banning Cocq and lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch", by Rembrandt.

 Secret Knowledge, by David Hockney, A documentary based on his book (of the same name) that explores the posibility that painters used projection devises for drawing as far back as 1420.

The Google Art Project


Our Own Art History Timeline


Wolf Kahn

Things you can use

Daniel Greene Portrait Palette (right click and "save image")

Quiller Wheel  (right click and "save image")

Art Renewal Center, list of skill based ateliers and academies

Color Scheme Designer

Analyze Art with Colour Theory (Beginner)

Pixlr image editor  photo editing 

Art Words

Incredible Art Department

Gamblin Artist Materials very good site to learn about art materials.  Also, the video at the site "Color Space" is very good.

Drawing and Painting Instruction and Demonstrations

Notan by Arthur Wesley Dow

Drawing Light and Shadow Video

The Bargue Course