Welcome to the dedicated website for the Contextualising Hume project, running from Summer 2018 to Spring 2021. The project is being facilitated by the
Hume Castle Preservation Trust and has been funded by grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the Fallago Environment Fund. The project will provide a range of archaeological activities over the course of three years, to research, excavate, and record, Hume Castle and its surrounding landscape, including the former surrounding village and associated graveyard. Each year will consist of a series of workshops, and a central, two-week field project to be held during the summer. The project will engage with members of the local community, school children, and local interest groups in order to provide opportunities to learn more about the history of Hume, and to develop and learn new skills. The archaeological work for the project will be delivered by Heritage and Archaeological Research Practice.

The project, through publicity and public engagement, will improve awareness of the importance of Hume Castle and its landscape, with a key aim to provide a stimulating volunteer and visitor experience by making archaeology and history more accessible through practical engagement. This will be fulfilled by hands on archaeological experiences (surveying, digging, recording, finds washing, cataloguing of finds, photography) as well as providing new links to heritage through non-traditional means, with a key focus on crafts.

For a list of what's on check out our Activities and Events page to find information on all activities, and make sure to check back regularly for new events!

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Over the course of the project we will be engaging with as many local groups, organisations, and schools as possible, and we are proud to be partnering with the Borders Family History Society, Knitting For All, and the Hume Community Association, who will all be taking active roles in our core activities, and helping with the overall project delivery.