Conor Robin Madigan is the author of CUT UP, and several short stories. He attended Earlham College, where he earned a BA in English and wrote for The Earlham Word; he attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he earned an MFA in Writing. How It's Silent When You're Gone, his first published work, appeared in CutThroat Journal, 2008.

His work is in Fortnightly Review (a time to come to a place and introduce oneself; Mother child), Charles River Journal (Late in November), The Republic of Letters, Ekleksographia, Elimae, Storyglossia, Smokelong Quarterly, CutThroat Journal, New York Tyrant, Moon City Review, Ginosko, No Colony, Lit Up, Wigleaf, and in HORLA (Repentance in the Evening), a journal of intelligent horror. Most recently Life Begins, in The Saturday Evening Post's Anthology of Great American Fiction, is a short story from an unpublished collection titled The Mess You Made in Us. His first published essay is in PIF Magazine here . He is at work on a novel.