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This site collects research and commentary I have published and self-published over the years.  
Views expressed in these articles are solely my own.


Publication Date Subject Area Title Publication View Download
 April 2018 Maryland ConstitutionRepublican Press at a Democratic Convention Electronic book Link Link
 December 2017 Judicial AccountabilityDoes Maryland need more oversight of judges? Website only Link Link
 September 2017 Maryland ConstitutionThe Maryland Constitution at 150: A Symposium and Appraisal (preview only) Full hard copy published by Library
 Company of the Baltimore Bar
 Link Link
 August 2017 Personal ReflectionMothers and Secrets Website only Link Link
 March 2017 Judicial DisciplineDelay and Secrecy in Judicial Discipline -- Case Study Website only Link Link
 February 2017 Judicial DisciplineCourts and Courtesy Website only Link Link
 November 2016  Election Law Drop the phone, voter, and come out with your hands up Website only Link Link
 January 2016 New PhysiciansMy Speech to the Medical School Graduates Website only Link Link
 December 2015 Judicial ElectionsMud on the Robe Website only Link Link
 September 2015 Legal EthicsMy Undistinguished Adversary -- Enforcing Civility in Legal Writing  Website only Link Link
 May 2015 Maryland LawIs Baltimore City Liable for Riot Damage? Website only Link Link
 May 2015 Maryland LawCan the Governor Suspend Habeas During a Riot? Website only Link Link
 March 2015 Executive EmploymentShould Executives Arbitrate? The Empiricists Weigh In Suits by Suits Blog Link 
 February 2015 Employment Law / Erie  DoctrineCan Out-of-State Employers Contract Around Maryland's Wage Payment Law? Suits by Suits Blog Link 
 February 2015 Legal EthicsAn Answered Prayer (for Dishonest Lawyers) Website only Link Link
 November 2014 Pro Se RepresentationBobby Chen's Trumpet Website only Link Link
 October 2014 Legal EthicsThe Right to Have a Fool for a Client Website only Link Link
 October 2014 Ebola CrisisWelcome to Maryland, Nina Pham Website only Link Link
 September 2014 Executive EmploymentShow Some Consideration Suits by Suits Blog Link 
 April 2014 Legal EthicsWith Malice Toward Some Website only Link Link
 March 2014 Legal EthicsA Prayer for Dishonest Lawyers Website only Link Link
 March 2014 Legal EthicsConsider Your Verdict Website only Link Link
 October 2013 Legal EthicsHow to Represent Yourself in the Court of Appeals Daily Record Link 
 October 2013 Executive EmploymentSleeping with the Enemy Executive Suits by Suits Blog Link 
 January 2013 Executive EmploymentDoes an Executive Have a Duty to Pull Punches in Personal Litigation Against the Company? Suits by Suits Blog Link 
 December 2012 Child SoldiersThe Shameful Treatment of Foreign Children in U.S. Custody  Baltimore Sun Link 
 August 2011 Legal and Art HistoryGreat Purposes Baltimore Bar Library Link 
 October 2007 GuantanamoGuantanamo Reflection NYU Library Link 
 June 2006 Personal RecollectionThe Closing Argument Baltimore Sun Link 
 November 2005 GuantanamoDon't Suspend Habeas Corpus Baltimore Sun Link 
 1992 Maryland Civil ProcedureMaryland's Right of In Banc Review Maryland Law Review Link 
 1991 Maryland Criminal  ProcedureReasonable Particularity in Indictments against Child  Abusers Maryland Law Review Link 



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