In New Zealand, there have been over 120, 000 people who have been legally adopted since New Zealand's first Adoption Act was passed in 1881. Taking into account that each adopted person has two birth parents and two adoptive parents, and in turn, each these people have extended family members, it is little wonder that many New Zealand families have a story to tell about adoption. 
In September 2011, I retired after 37 years service with Child, Youth and Family (CYF), New Zealand; with over 20 years as an Adoptions Social Worker and Supervisor. During my time with CYF Adoption Services I successfully assisted adopted persons, and several birth parents to reConnect.  In addition, I have researched my father's wartime service in the RAF/ RNZAF and during the 1960s I prepared whakapapa for the Ikaroa Maori Land Court. Further information about my background can be found at nz.linkedin.com/pub/david-burrowes/41/b38/b8a
In January 2012, I  established ConnectionsNZL to  help New Zealand families separated by adoption to reConnect. So that you can make a start, the information and resources on this website may be downloaded at no cost, provided that it is not for commercial purposes.  I provide a free consultation for up to one hour, which is usually sufficient to review a case, and provide you with a plan, which you can follow. If you prefer, I can do the work on your behalf (see FAQ on the About page for further information). Thereafter my fee is $75NZ an hour, plus actual expenses, which will be discussed and agreed with you before any service is provided. I ask for a deposit of $150NZ to cover actual expenses, including purchasing certificates, mileage, phone calls and postage.
David M Burrowes
BSW, CQSW (Massey University), Diploma of Adult Education and Training, National Certificate in Business Studies, Certificate in Counselling, 
Nelson, New Zealand
updated 26 September 2017
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