CTTC Round Robins

CTTC has two weekly round robin tournaments: 

Thursday: Gym opens 8pm.  RR signup cutoff is 8:15 pm, play: 8:30. 

Sunday  (Gym opens 9am.  RR signup cutoff: 10:45 am, play: 11

 Participants will be assigned to groups consisting of 4 to 5 players and play a match with each group member.

Once the draw has been announced, no player will be added except in cases of preparation error.

Group winners are guaranteed to advance to a higher group if they play in the following Sunday tournament.

All matches are best of 5 games.  All games are played by USATT rules (11-points, 2-point service and 40mm balls).  Limit pre-match warm-ups to two minutes.

Tournament results are posted to the Round Robin Results (see the menu in the upper left corner) in the Sunday RR section.

If you have never played in a club setting, under formal table tennis rules, please familiarize yourself with the USATT rules of table tennis and sanctioned equipment.