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News & Announcements


V Announcements for Bulletin - For inclusion in the week's bulletin, all announcements need to be given to Beth Schmidt prior to Thursday morning.  Announcements may be e-mailed to concordia_kendall@hotmail.com or left on the answering machine at 585-659-2778.

V Kendall Food Cupboard - We will be collecting food items the first Sunday of each month.  Please put items on the shelf in the fellowship hall.

V Book Exchange - Bring in books you have already read and exchange them for books you want to read.  Books will be placed in bookcases in the Tulia Room.  Please take no more books at any one time than you donate or return.  Use your good judgement on the suitability of books you donate.  We hope this a good way to recycle your books and share them with other readers.  Direct questions or comments to Elaine Quetschenback or Brigitte Duschen.