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Animal Diversity Web

Aplus Math

Arcademic Skill Builders

BBC Skillwise

Cells Alive

Cool Math for Kids

Cookie-The Learning Games

Cyberchase-PBS Kids

Decimal Squares

Disney Junior

Do You Know About US@ Geography?

Edheads-Activate Your Mind

Enchanted Learning

Energy Quest

Environmental Kids Club

Fact Monster

Free Rice


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Kids Wings-Owl Pellet Dissection

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Presidents of the United States

Prodigy Math 

Professor Garfield

Saxon Basic Facts Sheet

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Sheppard Software


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Test Your Geography Knowledge

That Quiz-Math Test Activities

That’s a Fact


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The Learning Planet

The White House Historical Association

Turtle Diary

University of Illinois Extension-Just for Kids

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Web Sudoku


Zoom Sci

50 States

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McGruff’s Safety Games

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Mouse Practice

My Computer Mouse

Red Bugs 

Help Kids Learn

Practice Dragging and Dropping: 

Chicken and Egg - The goal of this game is to catch eggs in your wooden box, that are falling from the chicken sitting on a plank high in the coop. Use the mouse to move the box across the screen to catch the eggs. 

Keyboarding Practice

Key Seeker - Great for young learners recognize the letters on a keyboard and use the correct hand to stoke the key. This is a must have tool for kindergarten aged kids to help them learn two skills all in one game: letter recognition and keyboarding.

Big Brown Bear - This game provides several exercises designed to improve kids touch-typing skills. These exercises start with using a few keys and gradually increases the level of difficulty till the learner reaches the total keyboard mastery. This game teaches learners to use the correct fingers for the different keys and improves their finger movements over the keyboard.

Keyboard Climber - Keyboard Climber is a typing game in which kids help the monkey gets to the top fast by typing the letters that appear on the screen. Any wrong letter will result in the monkey falling down to the bottom.

Cup Stacking - Cup Stacking is a game that allows learners to stack or remove the cups by typing the letters on them. They can only type the letters highlighted in black.

Free Typing Game - This is a game that provides good typing practice to learners. Players have to save letters from being eaten by frogs. To do this, they need to type letters fast before the frogs swallow them.

Key Man - Through typing letters on keyboard, players control the key man to eat all the food in the maze. When the food is over, players can eat the ghosts.

Keybr - Keybr is an excellent web tool that teaches you the art of touch typing. You are required to type in the letters shown on the screen without having to look on your keyboard.

Typing Ghost - In Typing Ghost, players are required to destroy the ghots by typing the words on them. To cancel the typing, players need to use the " backspace" key.

Type A Letter - This web tool helps kids learn to type fast using prompts from the screen. Kids are required to type the letters displayed in the screen as fast as possible so that they can achieve more letters at the end of the go.

Keyboard Triathlon

Spacebar Invaders

Timed Typing Test

Dance Mat Typing - Level 1

Dance Mat Typing - Level 2

Dance Mat Typing - Level 3

Dance Mat Typing - Level 4

Early Literacy

Pre-K Alphabet Resources 

Cookie-The Learning Games 

Teach Your Monster to Read 

Teacher Sites

Common Core Sheets  - Common Core Sheets is a resource in which teachers can access a variety of worksheets that are aligned to the Common Core. Great for assessment or practice.

Interactive Sites for Education

Sweet Sites-Search Engine for Educators at various levels

Kahn Academy

ReadWorks- Free leveled passages categorized by reading comprehension strategies.

Wolfram Alpha

Middle Web Rubrics

RubiStar - Rubrics

Teacher Tool Rubrics


SparkleBox (free resources)

PBS Smartboard Games



Student Search Engines

KidRex- Safe search by kids, for kids.

MAP - Measures of Academic Progress

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Web-based MAP Training

Proctor Help Center

MAP System Alerts and Updates

MAP Testing Re-Take Protocol

Request to Delete Test Events

Shannon's Resources

Teaching and Learning with Technology website


Presidents of the United States

Presidents of the United States

U.S. Presidents

Smithsonian Education