The Company of the Clewe is a knitting based guild in the Kingdom of Atlantia dedicated (but not limited) to the art of hand knitting, teaching the art of knitting and various knitting techniques, and the researching of knitting as it pertains to pre-17th century Europe.

As we are a guild operating within the confines of the Society for Creative Anachronism, we will keep the main focus on techniques of these arts as they were practiced pre-seventeenth century; however, as knitting and other fiber arts transcend time and place, members are more than encouraged to explore the modern innovations in color, fibers, techniques and styles and share their knowledge and experiences with others.

We encourage our members to share their knowledge and love of the textile arts with others by mentoring new knitters, teaching classes on knitting, entering arts and sciences competitions and displays, doing research on textile-related subjects, and producing works of textile art. Most importantly, we encourage our members to enjoy themselves, the skills they learn, and the fellowship of their companions.