Local is your link to the FUTURE!

Welcome to a new concept of providing wood for use by the community where it has been grown. Green Diamond Systems (the driving entity behind this site) is exploring the possibility of creating an expanding wood products source by helping connect local producers with local buyers. This linkage will become essential as the long distance transport of anything becomes more costly and the consequences of such practices become more apparent.

The uncertainties of this time call for a new way to understand the basis for making good choices about how and where we live and what our children are likely to have to deal with as they mature.

Northeastern US forests are special because they replace themselves after almost any kind of disturbance and many are in the path taken by large storms that periodically wipe the slate clean. Forest products grown close to home and used carefully are low energy substitutes for today's high energy building patterns.Ask us for quotes on material for interior finish, small to medium structure construction materials, posts and timbers, etc.Visit the Christmas Tree Page for ideas for the holidays. Don't ask to ship these items more than 150 miles before completing value added manufacture. Get you needs filled close to home or grow them yourself.Contact us at: Office - 413-323-4401 (Green Diamond Systems Main number)

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