Performers are welcome on singers' nights, which start at 8.15 pm. and finishes at 11.00 pm.

                We cannot guarantee performers a spot if they are not present before the start of the evening.

               We ask for £1 per person on non guest nights to cover costs and a full P.A is available on these nights.
               Performers of any genre of music are welcome and are usually invited to do 2 numbers.

On a busy night we do ask that performers limit their time on stage to 8 minutes to enable every one a chance to perform.
              A raffle is held with various prizes - wine, chocolates and of course the "tacky bag".  This helps to support the club and guest nights.

              The club has disabled access and facilities


               We only  book artists who we have heard at a live performance, or who have been heard and recommended by one of our regulars.

               As we are primarily a singers' club, we only have a guest night once a month. We do not usually have a guest night in June, July and August.


                For further information, please contact;

                            STEVE & MARGARET 
                                        Tel: 01922 685568
                                        Mob: Margaret : 07954 994745
                                                  Steve : 07910 632695
                                        Email: comfolk@hotmail.com
                                        Facebook: Commonfolk folk club