Layout Photos

Current layout

Scenery has begun on the Layout! The mainline has also been completed. I have started to work on the Refinery (the Second largest Industry on the layout).

The Helix has significantly expanded. It is almost complete at 9 1/4 turns from bottom to top. This helix is actually three in one. The inner track connects the top level to the staging level. The bottom outer track connects the staging level the lower level. the Upper outer track connects the lower level to the upper level. There are also 3 return loops that are on the outside of the helix. The helix was constructed of 2 1/4 inch plywood layers laminated together and spaced out with 1/4-20 inch all-thread, nut and washers. The nuts took a long time to thread down the all-thread.  A Lego® driver was built to speed up the process. This can be seen in the front on one of the photos. 

Signals and Block Detection have also been installed on the lower level. The upper level will get signals installed once the track work is complete. 

Helix Update

Below are some older layout photos. The lower level track work is  complete.

Layout Photos 11-11-2013

Please visit the Old Layout Photos Section to see the previous version on the Colorado Front Range Railroad.

Photos of the new Layout will be posted as construction proceeds.
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