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Secularism, Colonialism and The Indian Intellectuals

        An article published on India-Forum by Jakob De Roover                                            

Towards A Positive Portrayal of The Hindu Traditions?  

        Another article by  Jakob De Roover taken from India-Forum  

The Vacuity of Secularism

          On The Indian Debate and it's Western Origins - An article published on EPW,  

           By Jakob De Roover.

Secularism and Absence of Theory

          Jakob's rejoinder to Kushal Deb's critique of "The vaucity of secularism"

Courting Controversy in the West

         An article published on EPW, by jakob De Roover 

The Question of Conversion in India

       An article published on EPW, jointly authored by Sarah Claerhout and Jakob  De  Roover 

Mantras of Anti Brahmanism 

      An article authored jointly by William Derde and Raf Gelders, published on EPW

An Unhappy Lover of Theology    - Jakob De Roover   

 Colonial Project of Secular India            

    A new piece on secularism and colonial consciousness by Jakob, Raf and Esther 

A Kingdom of Another World  -Jakob De Roover's  doctoral dissertation


The poverty of Theistic cosmology   -Adolf Grunbaum