Colin Jerolmack, sociologist

Photo by Marcin Szczepanski. Retouching by Peter Herpich.    

I am an Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at New York University.   I also direct NYU's Animal Studies Initiative.

I received my PhD in sociology from the City University of New York, then was awarded a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholars in Health Policy Research Fellowship at Harvard University.  My interests include Community and Urban Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Human-animal Relations, Culture, Health, and Ethnography.  A number of these foci intersect in a book I published about how relationships with animals and nature shape social life in the city.  Titled "The Global Pigeon," it was released in 2013 by the University of Chicago Press. I am currently working on a book about how shale gas extraction (often called "fracking") is impacting rural communities, based on ethnographic field work in North Central Pennsylvania.

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