Welcome to Coldwolf Technologies

Serrvices we can perform for you include:

• Corporate Network Design, Consulting, and Research Services

• Setup of Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Networks

• Wireless LAN Setup (Including Orinoco)

• Windows 2000/NT server setup, configuration, and support

• Assistance selecting Dedicated Internet connectivity [DSL, Cable, T1, etc] (with a customer selected ISP)

• Router installation and configuration

• Firewall Installation and configuration of rules, etc. (Including Sonicwall)

• VPN appliance installation and configuration

• Windows Server based VPN setup

• Small Internet Gateway Router installation and configuration

• Web Server setup Win NT/2000,2003

• Backup system H/W installation

(Exabyte, HP, Overland, etc) - Single Drive or Magazine

• Veritas BackupExec S/W installation and configuration

(NT/2000 or Netware)

• Networked Workstation Installation and Setup

• Internal/Corporate Email System Setup

• Network Troubleshooting, repair

• Workstation Troubleshooting , repair

• Networked Printer Installation/External Print server Installation

• Anti-Virus Deployment (Including NAV Corporate)

• Hub/Switch Installation

• UPS Installation

• Cable Management Cleanup

• and more...