HISTORY 1969 – 2016

 On Wednesday, July 10, 1969, ten brothers met at Latham Lodge #12, F. & A.M. with the intent of forming The Cobb County Masonic Memorial Club to assist lodges in Cobb County and surrounding counties in performing Masonic Graveside Last Rites of their deceased brethren when requested to do so. 

Worshipful Brother Glenn Dailey, Past Master of Latham Lodge, was elected as president.  Brother Harvey King was elected chaplain, and Brother W.D. Milan wrote the minutes as acting secretary.  It was decided to have two meetings each month on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 2 p.m.  The meetings were to be held at Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721, F. & A. M. located at 1362 Sandtown Road, Marietta, Ga.

 At the regular meeting of July 23, 1969, Worshipful Brother Elbert R. Coalson was elected as the first Secretary-Treasurer.

 At the August 13, 1969, meeting a motion was passed to notify all the secretaries of Cobb County lodges that the club was ready to assist in conducting Masonic graveside services as needed.  Also, a committee was appointed to draw up by-laws for the club.

 The records indicate that a total of 1,951 services have been conducted by the club during its 46 years of existence.  Many brethren have devoted many hours of their time and devotion and have ridden many miles to and from these services.  Also, the club has been called on many times to furnish pallbearers and/or escort services over the years.  During the history of the club, there have been seven years in which 60 or more services were held.  The highest of these was 68 in 1985 and 1998.

 There have been eleven (11) club presidents and eight (8) secretary-treasurers since the club was organized.  These brethren have put in yeoman service for the club.  The average Mason cannot begin to realize the many details that go into organizing a Masonic graveside service.  This is not to say that all members are not very important to the club.  Their willingness to devote their time and monetary funds to help carry out these services are a very integral part of having a successful service.

 Presidents in the order of their service are as follows:  

  1. WB Glenn Dailey.  Latham Lodge #12.
  2. WB Clarence H. “Mac” McCollum.  Acworth Lodge #176 and Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721.
  3. WB Harry E. Sauls, Jr.  Nelms Lodge #323.
  4. WB James E. Sledge.  Grant Park Lodge #604 and Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721.
  5. WB Johnnie B. Lacy.  Acworth Lodge #176.
  6. WB Kenneth A. Howard.  Sandy Springs Lodge #124.
  7. WB Donald Wilkes.  Kennesaw Lodge #33.
  8. WB Frank Chamblee.  Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721.
  9. WB Doyle Martin.  Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721.
  10. WB Mike Sampsell  (2015)
  11. WB Rob Simpson

 Secretary-Treasurers in the order of their service were as follows:  

  1. WB Elbert R. Coalson.  Nelms Lodge #323 and Oakdale Lodge #736 (now defunct).
  2. WB A. C. Marshall.  Kennesaw Lodge #33.
  3. Bro. Edwin R. Howell.  Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721.
  4. WB Bennett E. Martin.  Springville Lodge #153.
  5. WB Bill Bowen.  Springville Lodge #153.
  6. WB Dana Schwarz.  Samuel S. Lawrence Lodge #721.
  7. WB Rob Simpson (2015)
  8. WB Scott Posey (2016)

 At the annual meeting on March 12, 2016, the following officers were elected:

  1. President                          WB Rob Simpson
  2. Vice President                   WB David Green
  3. Secretary-Treasurer           WB Steve Posey
  4. Director of Work                WB Doyle Martin
  5. Assist Director of Work      WB Don Wilkes
  6. Chaplain                           WB Steve Myers